Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring Author Program - For Indies and Traditionally Published Writers

Welcome to Writing Belle's 2015 Spring Author Program. It's my first-ever Spring program, and I'm excited to feature some great new and upcoming writers in multiple genres and categories! 

But what is the Spring Author Program? 
This program is specifically designed for independent authors and traditionally published writers. Why? So they can get featured on Writing Belle - for free! I LOVE meeting new authors - it's one of my favorite things - and I'm excited to get the ball rolling on this program. So. Here are the rules: 

To Get Featured You Need To...
1. Be published (or almost published - I will gladly promote upcoming releases). At least one book. 
2. Adhere to my submission rules. Basically, I'm looking for books that fall into the YA or NA categories. I am especially interested in apocalyptic fiction, survivalist fiction, dystopia and adventure/thrillers with romantic elements. Murder suspense and action is also good, too. I'm game for anything - just make sure the content is appropriate for this website, which is frequented by children, teachers and more. 
3. Send me an email. Tell me about your book. Send me a link to your website. If I'm interested, I'll email you back and book a slot for your feature!! 
4. The program will run from March-May 2015. Slots will fill up fast (they always do!), so make sure you snag a spot early.

To book your spot, email me here:

You can expect a response from me in 2-5 days. Good luck, and thank you! 

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