Monday, June 1, 2015

Review Opportunity for STATE OF VENGEANCE, Coming June 26th, 2015

It's almost June again, which means that there's another Collapse Series book due! State of Vengeance, the sixth installment in Cassidy Hart's adventures, releases June 26th, 2015. 

I am offering the opportunity for bloggers and reviewers to read the book in exchange for an honest review. I don't always have time to offer ARCs, but this time, we've got about one month before the release, so I figured...why not? 

To sign up, simply fill out the google form below and I'll be sure to provide you with a copy. By signing up you agree to 1) Read the book and 2) Leave an honest review on Amazon/GoodReads/Blog. 

Thanks so much! 


  1. I haven't read the first five boos in the Collapse series (how have I not heard about you?!!!). Is State of Vengeance a stand alone book or do I need to read the others first to understand the world and characters?

    1. State of Vengeance is actually the 6th in this series! I would recommend that you read the rest of the books preceding this so that the character development and plots make more sense! :)

  2. I love your books and reviewed your last book for a free copy. I would love to review State of Vengeance.


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