Friday, July 17, 2015

Collapse Enters the Graphic World Today for 99 Cents!

Title: Collapse: The Illustrated Guide 
Author: Summer Lane 
Release Date: TODAY 
Where: Amazon for 99 Cents!

Fight or die. Choose your side. 
Enter the world of Cassidy Hart, the fearless heroine of the post-apocalyptic Collapse Series, straight from the mind of its creator, #1 Bestselling Author Summer Lane. 

Explore designs from 20 of the most popular characters from the series, including concept art from some of the most famous scenes from Cassidy's adventures. 

Also included are three exclusive short stories from the viewpoints of Chris Young, Sophia Rodriguez and Harry Lydell.

This graphic guide will be available for 99 Cents for the first two weeks of sale, so be sure to snag it now before it's too late! 

Thanks again for making this book possible. Your love for the characters are what makes Cassidy Hart's world go round, and by extension - my world! Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy! 

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