Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Coming March 2016 

A brand new trilogy, following the adventures of Bravo, the fearless and loyal bomb dog of the apocalypse. 

The trilogy will consist of three installments:

Apocalypse Mission 
Death Brigade 
Blood Road

The first installment will release March 2015. At that time we will have a release date for the second installment, too. Read The Zero Trilogy to get to know Bravo. That's where he got his start!

So. Let's talk about dogs for a minute. I'm a big animal person. If you don't know me personally, let me put it in perspective for you: when I watch movies, I cry my eyes out when a dog dies, but I usually do just fine when it's a person. I mean, the protagonist might die, but SAVE THAT DOG. Seriously, animals are just the best, especially dogs. I think dogs reflect the best parts of our souls, and they are loving and trusting to a fault. I really think that animals are how people are supposed to be, in that they don't show judgement. They just want love. 

I have a deep love for animals. I'm such good friends with my cat, Miss Pepper, that we actually go on car rides together (Don't judge, she likes to get out of the house!), and she keeps me company during my workday. (Does that make me a crazy cat lady? Oh, well!) 

So I've taken that love and that deep appreciation and observation of the bond between man and dog, and I've written an entirely new story about it. And it's not just about a man and a canine - it's about the relationship between canine and canine, and dog versus apocalyptic world. Bravo is probably my favorite character, other than Cassidy Hart of my Collapse Series, and I adore him. He's loyal and fearless, and his story will be told in such a way that you will get into the mind of a dog, and see the world through his eyes. I cannot wait to share this story with you. 

Until then, add the release to your calendar. I should have the official synopsis and cover reveal coming up soon! 

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