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New WORST CASE SCENARIO: Militia, Book 5

Title: Militia
Series: Worst Case Scenario #5
Author: G. Allen Mercer 
Release: Available Now!

Worst Case Scenario - Book 5: 

Militia brings the reality of personal loss and calamity to the lives of the Tillers and Burrows.  The enemy takes a personal interest in the existence, and ultimate destruction of Ian Burrows and his family.  Militia is action packed, from start to finish, and it ties up some of the storylines from previous books. Set along some of Alabama’s most iconic landmarks, Militia will leave you wanting to know more about this new band of heroes, and how can they possibly make a difference in the war.

G. Allen Mercer’s the Worst Case Scenario series follows the Burrows family struggle to survive after an EMP attack by the Chinese government.  The family is separated when disaster strikes; and the first three books in the series, Worst Case Scenario, Bug-Out and Invasion, chronicle the disappointments and victories associated with reunification.  

Although the Burrows live a typical suburban life in the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama, they are anything but typical.  Ian Burrows is former military, and both he and his wife, Leah, live with the shadow of a clandestine past.  Even Grace, their 18-year-old high school graduate learns that while her parents have been preparing for disaster, they have also been training her for something greater than college.

Book 4, The State, (the previous installment to Militia) highlights some of the mindset and evil associated with a foreign enemy occupying the southern part of the United States.  The story also dives deeper into the role of the Tillers, a family nestled on a farm beyond the outskirts of Birmingham.  By book 4, the Tillers have become synonymous with providing emotional and physical support to the mission that Ian Burrows has adopted, the survival of the two families, and the creation of a militia.

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Worst Case Scenario – Book 6: War Dawgs, is expected this winter.

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