Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bravo Plush Figures and Wristbands for Charity!

I don't think there is any one group of fighters in our country that is as under-recognized as K9 units. Military and law enforcement working dogs really take the brunt of danger sometimes, and many canines have saved thousands of lives in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Writing Bravo: Apocalypse Mission has really given me the opportunity to dig deep into the world of K9 training and operations, and all of that subsequent knowledge has really amazed me - and touched me. 

Did you know that it's hard for some retired MWDs to find homes after they've been deployed in active combat? Many of these dogs have been extremely heroic and saved the lives of countless soldiers, but they have nowhere to go during the last few years of their lives. 

This sad knowledge really hit me hard, and I wanted to find a way to help our four-legged heroes. So here's the rub: I will be selling Bravo plush figures and wristbands on my website and blog to celebrate the release of one my biggest releases ever. 

I will take 20% of the proceeds from these sales will go to a non-profit organization called Save-A-Vet, who help retired MWDs and law enforcement dogs find a home (or give them support) after their incredible work is done. 

This is not something that anyone is paying me to do, or an endorsement of any kind. I am simply a supporter of what the organization does, and the funds that I am able to allot from the sales will go to these dogs. 

The plushes and wristbands will be available with the launch of Bravo: Apocalypse Mission. I hope you guys will think about supporting Save-A-Vet, and I can't wait to put these fun items on sale for readers everywhere! 

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