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FAQ with Summer Lane (Regarding Collapse Movie/TV Series, State of Fear and New Books)

People write to me every week with questions regarding the three different book series that I have penned (or am still penning!). They want to know things about Chris, Cassidy, Elle, Bravo or more information about the locations or military specs. Some of their questions are actually incredibly insightful and remind me just how awesome my readers are - and how much they pay attention to detail! Here are some of the more common questions I have been asked in the last 12 months! 

Is Chris Young and Cassidy Hart as a couple the endgame? 
Sometimes it's really hard to answer questions from readers because I CAN'T GIVE AWAY SPOILERS, GUYS. What I can tell you is this: Chris and Cassidy are totally in love, and it would have to be nothing short of a nuclear explosion to tear them apart. But if you read my books you know that's actually quite the possibility....let's just say that I'm rooting for them as much as you are. 

When will The Collapse Series conclude? 
I am projecting a 2017 conclusion to Cassidy's series. I have no release dates yet, but we shall get there. 

Are you going to write a Chris Young spin-off novel? 
Unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor at this time. All I can say is that I'm extremely interested in a project like that.

Have you ever thought of co-writing a book with a fellow apocalyptic author? 
I have indeed. I think it would be interesting - but at the moment I'm so busy writing my own series that I don't have time to start another one.

What's your pet peeve about being a writer? 
Sometimes people underestimate me because of my age. Yes, I'm young. But I have a TON of experience. I'm not just a fair-weather writer; I've been studying, learning and immersing myself in this world of publishing since 8th grade. I have worked my proverbial butt off, to put it mildly. I believe that I have proven what I am capable of at this point, but there will always be "those" people. Water under the bridge, I guess!

What's the status on Collapse, Zero or Bravo as a movie or television series? 
Yes, I'd love to see my characters and fictional world portrayed on the screen - I have been approached, but at this time it's all about me finding the right person/producer/studio for the job. My characters are important to me and I would love to work with someone who understands the integrity of the world of Collapse as much as I do. 

When that day comes...will you get to cast the characters? 
Most likely not. That's the job of a studio and a casting director. 

Where is State of Fear set - and how did you choose that location? 
State of Fear is set in Alaska, in two primary places called Whittier and Mendenhall Lake. Whittier was a military defense base for the United States during the Second World War, and Mendenhall is home to a gorgeous, 13-mile long glacier riddled with stunning blue ice caverns. I wanted to take Cassidy somewhere dark, gorgeous and incredibly new for this one book before we delve into the final two chapters of her story. Alaska has always fascinated me, so it was natural for me to gravitate in that direction. 

I came across Whittier because I was looking for a secluded spot (also the home of the world's longest mountain tunnel through the Maynard Mountain) to house a secret militia base. 

Mendenhall was my top choice for another location because I was looking for a place where I could put Cassidy and her friends in the frigid, terrifying and hauntingly beautiful icy landscape. 

What has been your favorite location used thus far throughout all of your series? 
I have two favorites: Hollywood and Kings Canyon National Park/Sequoia National Park. Both of them make excellent backdrops for showcasing the effects of the apocalypse. I also really loved using San Diego, because I'm obsessed with that city.  

How do you edit your books? 
I think it's so funny that people ask me this, because as a writer who publishes many books, of course I have editors! When I first started out as a baby-faced aspiring author, I didn't know what I was doing. But these days, I've got a streamlined system. State of Fear, for example, heralded 3 primary editors and 46 sub-editors, as I like to call them: people who read the book and attach commentary, reviews and corrections. Trust me when I say my books are well-researched and well thought out. 

Is there any one person (or two) in particular in your own life that you have integrated into your writing? 
My characters are based on bits and pieces of real people all over the world. I have found subtle ways to weave tributes to people I love and care about into my novels. For example, the reason why I originally chose to have Chris be a Navy SEAL instead of an Army Ranger is because my grandfather was in the Navy, and I wanted to pay tribute to him. (The S.S.B.N. Peter in State of Fear is also named after him) 

The technological inclinations of the character Andrew Decker was inspired by my fiance, and the acidic behavior of Vera Wright was influenced by several mean girls that had bullied me in my life...we've all met people like that! 

What will you be writing after Collapse is finished (other than a possible spinoff)? 
Let's face it: I'm an apocalyptic/survivalist junkie. I love gritty, emotional stories filled with action and romance. I have an idea for a brand new story...or two or three. They will be lots of fun to write! 

What is your favorite post-apocalyptic novel/author? 
When it comes to survival books, one of my all-time favorites is definitely The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. I gotta say that I Am Legend and The Road also made deep impressions on me as a young writer. 

Why are you taking a month-long hiatus from September to October? 
 I'm getting married. Nuff' said. ;) 

Hopefully, this helps answer some of your burning questions for at least another month or two! **wink** 

Until next time.... 

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