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Title: State of Fear
Series: Collapse Series #8
Author: Summer Lane 
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About the Book

The world has gone nuclear, and the militias have met their first major defeat. 

Torn and desperate, Cassidy Hart and her team make a difficult decision to relocate their forces to the cold, barren wilderness of Alaska. Yukon City has become a stronghold for survivors of the apocalypse. 

Or has it?

Cassidy is on her own. Commander Chris Young remains in California to combat the shadowy forces of Omega, while Cassidy attempts to rebuild the militia's strength at Yukon City. Uriah True has ideas of his own when it comes to surviving, and the militias are splitting apart. 

Veronica Klaus is unleashing hell upon the west coast. The true, terrifying nature of Omega is revealed at last. A dangerous, desperate move is made to find reinforcements and seize a weapon that could give the militias an upper hand. 
The downside? 
It just might kill everyone on planet earth. 

Cassidy, Chris and their friends have made it this far. 
How much longer can they survive? 
How much longer can the world survive?


FINALLY, THE 8th installment has been released!! This is, as I've been saying, the prologue chapter to the final two installments of the series, and I am SO stoked to share this book with you. SO MUCH hard work and stress went into it! **cries and laughs at the same time** THANK YOU for making this series a hit! There are SO many people involved and participating in this release. Its readers like you that make this publishing world go 'round. So thank you from the bottom of my little writer heart. 

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  1. I fear any kind of apocalypse...but I am ready for one if it were to happen!

  2. I would most fear a zombie apocalypse. But I don't really worry about any type if apocalypse on a regular basis.

  3. Congrats--looks like another winner! E


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