Friday, August 19, 2016

The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go: Nature Writing

Time to get real. Writing Belle is a place where I, as a writer, communicate with a large block of my readership by sharing my favorite books, thoughts and tips about writing and providing small peeks into the life of a writer. 

I'm here to talk about evolvement today. Since I was a kid, there has been no place that I have enjoyed being more than the mountains - specifically, the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The lush greenery, wildlife and crystalline blue skies is my idea of perfection, and frankly, my idea of heaven. The older I get, the more I learn about the world of nature and the ancient wisdom of the forest. I have to say, all of my love and adoration for the great outdoors has reached some kind of peak, and it is seeping into my writing. 

As a writer, you tend to write about what you're passionate about. For me, I've always been passionate about taking my characters away from technology and forcing them to survive like the "olden days." In this way, my love for the woods and the natural way of life has worked its way into my books. Yet as a veteran author of 13 bestselling books, I have evolved to have a deeper love of the forest, and of nature. 

I have a deep, unbridled passion to write about nature as I've never done before. Every aspect of it: from the trees to the animals, and from puffy white clouds to the sky-scraping mountain peaks capped with snow. Because of this, I foresee some pretty incredible books in my future, integrating the setting that I love the most: earth. 

God's creation is a magnificent place, and when left untouched by human hands, I believe that we get to see what the world is supposed to be like, free of technological interruption and human encroachment. There is a sense of freedom in the wilderness, the kind of serenity and peace that you simply will never experience entangled in a web of suburban streets or asphalt parking lots. There's something magical and, in my opinion, completely otherworldly about it. 

My love for the mountains and animals and all of the beautiful things on this planet has shaped my writer's heart over the course of my lifetime, and I am currently planning a book that will reflect this passion. In order to write it, I will have to research and travel, possibly thousands of miles, and it will be a supreme adventure. While I can't even begin to tell you what it will be about (top secret, you know) or when it will release (I'm currently working on two other series, so I'm a little busy!), but I can guarantee that the journey will be gloriously fun and educational. Because in my opinion, you can never stop learning from nature or the wilderness. There is always something new being revealed, and being taught. 

I'll leave my thoughts here on this page, now. I am excited about my upcoming writing projects. Inspiration is gripping me - and while it's true that great writers don't "wait" for inspiration to strike to write, it certainly does make the process more fun! 

Until then, I urge you to take the time out of your busy schedules to go and visit something beautiful and natural near you! Mountains, beaches, deserts, hills. Go see them - experience it. It's something you will never regret, I promise! 

"The mountains are calling, and I must go." 
- John Muir 

*all images are my own, photographed on a Nikon d5000*

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