Friday, October 21, 2016

BRAVO: BLOOD ROAD Release Day! (And Kindle Fire Giveaway!)

Title: Bravo: Blood Road 
Author: Summer Lane 
Series: Bravo Saga #2 
Release Date: Now Available! 
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Bravo and his beloved handler, Lieutenant Nathan Ingalls, are together again amidst the ashes of an apocalyptic California. Together, they are using their skills to help a rebel militia group seek out survivors in the desolation of Death Valley. 

But when the Death Brigade - a vicious anarchist group arisen from the dust of a fallen society – rolls into town, tragedy strikes. Someone is taken. Neither Nathan nor Bravo will allow that. The hunt is on – Bravo will not fail in his task to protect his friends. 

The Black Market. 

Rescuing the people you love sometimes comes with a price. When Bravo and his friend, India, are taken to Blood Road, they are forced to fight for their lives in a terrifying and vicious society of gambling, deceit and violent entertainment. 
Alone and afraid, Bravo is forced to fight for his life every day in an arena while cruel spectators make bets on the odds of his victory. His only allies in this dark place could perish as suddenly as he could. 
The bonds of friendship are tested, and the agonizing teeth of loss sink their fangs deep. 
Life or death. Fight or flight. Bravo must choose. 
One mission, completed. 
One duty, fulfilled. 
And now, the Blood Road will wreak its vengeance. 

This is the conclusion to Bravo the bomb dog’s thrilling and poignant tale of love, loss and ultimate sacrifice, a #1 bestselling phenomenon.

Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting and loving Bravo! This is a big release for me, as it is the conclusion of Bravo's personal backstory and the end of the Bravo Saga, which has been a supreme passion project of mine. I'm so grateful for your love and support, and I hope this conclusion is as fun for you to read as it was for me to create!

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