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Scott Nicholson: Author of 30+ Books, 1 Million Downloads (And Counting!)

Scott Nicholson is living the dream. The 53 year-old has joined a league of select few people who are able to call writing a full-time job. Between his 30-something self-published novels (which span thriller, horror and fiction genres), he boasts over 1 million downloads. 

Nicholson's Bestselling Solom Series
So yeah, he's doing pretty darn good. As saturated as I am in the world of publishing, I didn't know about Scott's work until a couple of months ago. Kindle Direct Publishing released a newsletter showcasing his success, and I knew I had to talk to this amazing guy!  

From where I stand, it's obvious that Scott understands both the difference and the delicate balance between writing a book and marketing a book to readers. He must do both things, and do them very well, in order to achieve the success that he does. It's no small task, and as proven by his many published books, he's got the formula down to a science.

Scott generously gave up some of his time to answer some interview questions I had for him, so that I could share his authorial insight with Writing Belle readers this week. Enjoy the interview, and go pick up his books TODAY!

Interview with Scott Nicholson 

You say on your website that you have been rejected 800 times by publishers - that's insane. Yet you're so successful on your own. What's the moral of the story here? 
I am not sure there is one, except don’t give up. That was from a different time. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, and back then you piled them up. If I were starting today, I am sure it would be different.

I've heard a lot about your Solom Series - tell us about that. 
My novel The Farm was published in 2006 and it was pretty long, so when I got the rights back I expanded it into a trilogy to build on the mythology. A mother and her rebellious daughter move to the remote Appalachian Mountains where a supernatural legend comes to life. I love ghost stories and folklore so it was a great fit for me and lots of fun.

How long does it take you to come up with a first draft?
As long as a year and as short as a month. So it depends on what else is going on in my life or what the deadline is. Six to nine months is good.

How do choose your cover art - how do you decide what you're going to be writing next? In other words, how do you keep all of your projects organized?
With a series I try to get all the covers done ahead of time so I have a feel for the entire project. I used to do my own covers but now have a couple of reliable people I trust, and I am always looking for new artists. It depends on the project, really. 

I've published 14 novels at this point, so I definitely understand what goes into writing and releasing a book - how do you approach handling manuscript creation, editing and release deadlines? 
My editor and proofreaders work while I am working on the book, a section at a time. It’s a pretty efficient process. Deadlines are no problem because I used to work in radio and newspapers, so the big challenge is not to procrastinate too much. I usually panic and crank it out near the deadline!

What authors do you get inspiration from? 
I’ve been inspired all my life, from Dr. Seuss to Kurt Vonnegut to Shirley Jackson to Ira Levin to Stephen King. I’ve always read broadly, which is why I have a wide range of genre interests.

You were a journalist before you published novels. How do you think your background in journalism influenced you as a novelist? 
You learn to just sit down and do it. In journalism, “writer’s block” is called “unemployment”! Plus you get to meet people and cover subjects you’d normally never find, so it helps broaden your horizons.

What projects are you currently working on? What are you releasing next?
The fifth book in my Next post-apocalyptic series is just coming out. I also have a horror thriller called The Gorge waiting to come out, it’s an older book whose rights have reverted to me. After this I think I will do a dark science fiction series in the Philip K. Dick mold.

Where can readers connect with you and stay up to date on your work online?
I have several free books out for people who want to give me a try: The Shock, Bone and Cinder, and Afterburn. You can check out my books or sign up for my newsletter at

Any advice for aspiring writers hoping for a successful authorial career?
Really, just stick with it no matter what. All the writers I know who stuck with it have achieved some level of success. Thanks for having me, Summer!

About Scott Nicholson (taken from his official website) 
Author Scott Nicholson has written 20 thrillers, 60 short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, where he tends an organic garden, successfully eludes stalkers, and indulges in the vain whimsy of believing his thoughts are important. 
Visit Scott Online: 

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