Thursday, November 10, 2016


The 9th thrilling installment in the #1 bestselling COLLAPSE SERIES! 

Be brave. Be vigilant. But above all, be loyal. 

In the wake of a dangerous but successful mission to Yukon City in Alaska, Cassidy Hart now finds herself back in California, at the naval air station in San Diego. Together, she and Chris now face their most terrifying threat yet: nuclear destruction. 

Surviving in a world gone nuclear is easier said than done. Faced with the prospect of being wiped off the face of the earth by Omega's nuclear arsenal, Cassidy, Chris and their fellow rebel friends stage an incredible, daring journey into the Pacific Rim with the hope that they will be able to seize a weapon that could turn the tide of the war in the militia's favor. 

The clock of the apocalypse is counting down. 
Choices must be made. Relationships will be strained. True love will be put to the ultimate test. 
It's militias versus Omega. Hope versus destruction. 

Where does your allegiance lie? 

Choose carefully. 

I am SO excited to release this installment of The Collapse Series. I know I say that with every release - but it's true! This book is amazing - unlike any other novel I've written. It is set in the Pacific Rim, which means that Cassidy is LEAVING the North American continent for this book. Pretty cool, right? 

The release date is not yet finalized. I am currently working on dropping my surprise novel for readers, UNBREAKABLE SEAL, in December 2016. So until that baby is signed, sealed and delivered, we won't have a release date for Allegiance. 

But don't worry. I'm hard at work. 
This is the second to last installment in the series before we cap at the tenth novel. 

Will it really, truly be the end of Cassidy Hart and her comrades? 

(I'll just leave you with that)

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