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Charming Tale from Author Matthew Bonazzoli: Special Excerpt Included!

Title: Flea Biscuit Finds a Home 
Author: Matthew Bonazzoli 
Category: Children's 
Release: Available right HERE! 

About the Book
Flea Biscuit Finds a Home is a fully illustrated, 9,000-word novel for kids ages 8 and up.  
About the Story
     It’s winter in New England and a small abandoned kitten struggles through the snow. When he stumbles upon a large old house in the woods he’s hoping to find his forever home but instead begins his first big adventure.  
     In Flea Biscuit Finds a Home the little stray confronts bullying and adversity but also sees that kindness and friendship can come to those with a gentle heart. Flea Biscuit discovers that he has much to learn and that trying to grow up and find your purpose in life is hard work.

Note from Writing Belle: 

I (Summer) read Flea Biscuit Finds a Home and found it to be perfectly charming and sweet! I love children's books, and I really enjoyed thumbing through this book by Matthew. If you're looking for a fun, entertaining gift for your child (or any child!), try picking up this book.

Flea Biscuit Excerpt

Spike turned to Flea Biscuit.  “That is not done, Flea,” he spat.
“Why not?” asked Flea Biscuit.
“Because it isn’t!  I’ve heard of cats who act like you.  So-called house cats.  Fat and lazy do-nothings. Ever housebound and acting like loyal puppies! Pretenders, all of them! Is that what you are?  I won’t have a house cat under the same roof. Do you understand?” 
 “I guess so,” said Flea Biscuit, but he did not understand. “Am I a housecat?” he wondered. “I certainly never want to go outside again, and I’m not a good hunter either, so maybe I am a good companion?  Is it bad to want to be a good friend? Maybe Spike has just never known how to be a friend.”
Flea Biscuit turned to Spike with a look of pity in his eyes. Spike turned his back to him. He looked up at the man.
The man reached out his hand to Spike the same way as he once had to Flea Biscuit. But instead of allowing the man to touch him, he raised a paw and scratched at the man. The man jerked his hand back and laughed at Spike’s ferocity.
“Why did you scratch the man when he tried to touch you?” Flea Biscuit asked.
“Why would he touch me? He has no reason to. I have not taken ill.”
“He wanted to touch you because he likes you,” said Flea Biscuit.   “He wants to be friends with you.”
Spike seemed surprised.  “You are imagining things, Flea. I work for the man. He lets me stay here because I catch mice for him.”
“That is true,” agreed Flea Biscuit, “but he must also like you. Has he never tried to touch you before? Haven’t you ever had a friend?”
“We are cats,” said Spike. “We are solitary.  We do our jobs and keep to ourselves.  We do not have friends.”
“Old Tom in the woods is my friend,” said Flea Biscuit.  “The man is my friend. And maybe you and I can be friends.”  
“Ridiculous on all counts!” Clearly Spike was annoyed at the thought.

Flea Biscuit let out a sigh. “The man is your friend, Spike.  You just don’t want to accept it.”

About the Author 
Native New Englander Matthew Bonazzoli is a writer, musician and all around cat lover.    While Flea Biscuit Finds a Home is his first novel he has been writing and recording music for more than 30 years.  He has released 8 full length albums and currently plays with The Bonazzoli Band.
Flea Biscuit, Spike and Cheeto are all actual cats he has rescued and welcomed into his big old house, where they share many adventures together.

Visit Matthew on his Official Website.

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