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IRAQI ICICLE: A Funny, Adventurous Story by Bernie Dowling

“Readers will appreciate the author's ability to render colorful characters and understated witty prose.”

– Publishers Weekly

Title: Iraqi Icicle 
Author: Bernie Dowling 

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Official Synopsis:

The fix is in, the bodies are piling up, and they’re racing in this comedy crime novel.
A dead actress, a dead gambler and that’s for starters.
With murder following his every step, determined under-achiever Steele Hill is tangled in layers of intrigue and deviousness.
The reluctant detective is dragged from his cozy 1980s zone of the racetrack, the rock-music pub and his favorite band in the world, the Go-Betweens.
Steele Hill roars up the Australian streets of Brisbane and the Gold Coast trying to survive clashes with deadly blondes, cops, and crims.
Anybody wise-cracking Hill meets is in danger.
One ally is a reclusive teenage maths whiz, channeling Hendrix, and tapping into forbidden U.S. military software and magic mushrooms.

Leaping off the shoulders of Joseph Heller's Catch-22, Iraqi Icicle is a wild and hilarious 403-page ride through the murky worlds of gambling, drugs, politics and rock’n’roll.


Mooney did the talking. ‘It’s like this, Hill. You’re a clown and a pest.’ He arced his arm proprietorially over the city. ‘We’ve got people out there who are murdering and maiming, robbing and pillaging.’
‘Maybe you should tighten up your police recruitment procedures.’ Sometimes I have no control over my mouth.
‘That sort of smart comment is what I’m on about,’ said Mooney. ‘You’re too lazy to work and too gutless to break and enter like an honest grub crim.’
Eloquent man that Mooney, he must have kissed the Blarney Stone.
‘Then you go stuffing up our day of grub-catching by killing (name).’
Mooney stopped talking and looked hard at me. I returned a blank look. He grabbed a handful of my shirt, twisted it and thumped me in the chest.
‘Hey!’ he shouted, while he pushed me back and forth.
I know he meant nothing by it; it was just a copper’s way of emphasising a point. He thumped me in the chest again. ‘Hey!’ the sergeant repeated.
Me, I still looked blankly at him. Schmidt intervened, grabbing hold of Mooney’s wrist. ‘Hang on, Frank.’
Oh Buddha, I thought, not this good cop, bad cop stuff. Yes it was.
‘Hang on nothing; I’m gunna throw this bloke right off this mountain.’ 

About the Author 
Bernie Dowling is an Australian humorist working in the fields of journalism, fiction and non-fiction.
He wrote the award-winning humorous column My Shout for more than a decade.
His first novel Iraqi Icicle is in its third edition in hardback, paperback and as an eBook.
The author's other books include O Lorde about the pop singer and 7 Shouts, based on his newspaper columns.
Dowling is the author of plays and is a boutique publisher.
His website is

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