Monday, August 14, 2017

THE SUN THEY CALLED THE MOON: New Novel from Joseph Persia

Title: The Sun They Called The Moon 
Author: Joseph Persia
Release: Available HERE!


Richard Michaels is a sharp, motivated, young political activist living in Seattle. But when he is informed in a meeting of political activists that he must accept that the peace movement has depleted all observed peaceful methods of change and he has to accept more radical means of change, which leads him into an immediate crisis of conscience as he risks ostracism. He must make his way through inner and outer battles for the peace he fought for so hard for while witnessing escalating violence. He finds himself hiding from the authorities in order to preserve both his life and his conscience that governs both his actions and thoughts.

After a highly charged meeting, he decides to leave behind the peace movement and the new rising violence in it. He goes on the run and ultimately winds up unknown, unidentified, and out of the sight of the authorities. However teaching in a small New England seaside town, he still can not run away from himself and what he believes to be true. Richard has highly charged encounters with a Mother Superior more than a decade his senior and with his gifted students more than a decade his junior. But Richard befriends a nun in training along with some of his gifted students and while passing through, he gradually wins their trust and admiration. 

During the year, they are together at the campus of a private coeducational school, their confrontational relationships develop into powerful forces that all are reluctant to alter. When Richard encounters a strange priest, he learns that the true nature of reality may not be what it seems.

About Joseph Persia
Born in a small town in Rhode Island, writer Joseph Persia (who wrote his first 500 page manuscript while still in high school) was always interested in written words. However,  he did not take notice until he had entered college in Boston and was the first freshman to be  invited into a study program were he studied and wrote under the mentoring of  a published poet.

However, after college he was called back to Rhode Island because of a family emergency and his direction was forced to change.  The budding writer (who never lost his passion for the written word or to live near the sea) years later decided to pursue the written language, [and] pitch his prose atop a synthesis of  confessional folk stories with a twist.

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