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Author: G. Michael Hopf
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Struggling to survive in the aftermath of the Hemorrhage Virus, Kevin and Paul come upon what appears to be a vacant farm house tucked away in the rolling hills of eastern Idaho. Stocked with food, water, medicine and equipped with its own power generation; the two believe they've found the perfect sanctuary against the threats that lurk everywhere, both Variant and human.

After their arrival, they discover the home is occupied by two young girls. At first all seems normal, but within days they realize that things are not as they appear and soon come face to face with the home's dark and deadly secret.

If you like adventurous fiction with a gritty and realistic undertone, G. Michael Hopf is your guy. I am currently in the midst of reading this one (thanks to the author!), and like all of his work, this one is well-written and fun. Hopf has written 12 books since 2011. He is a bestselling author, and an all-around cool cat - I mean, Marines are simply awesome, right? I hope you pick up this novel on Kindle Worlds today. It's a great addition to your shelf, and a perfect book to add to your reading list for October books. 

About the Author (via official website)
Born in 1970, I spent my first eighteen years anxiously waiting to go see the world. I grew up in a good home. I loved my parents and siblings dearly but the desire to see the world burned inside of me. With good grades and an opportunity to go to a great college, I went with my heart and dropped that plan to enlist in the United States Marines Corp. There I hoped to see the world and truly experience life. Of course I didn't sign up for any MOS, I picked infantry.

In 1989 I was born again, this time as a Marine on Parris Island, South Carolina. My life would never be the same and the wild ride I was about to experience was something I had only read about in books.

From recruit training I went to Marine Combat Training and Infantry School at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina then onto my first duty assignment with Anti-Tank Company (TOW), 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, CA. Traveling to the west coast was something I had always wanted, now I was there but not for long. In one year's time my unit rotated to Okinawa, Japan and in days of arriving on the Rock we were informed of our immediate deployment to Saudi Arabia to defend it against Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces in occupied Kuwait. To say I was scared would be an understatement, I was terrified. In late August we embarked on ships and sailed to the Kingdom arriving in September 1990. My time in the sand box is full of memories, some positive, some negative but all enlightening. Once the ground war began we pushed hard and fast and fulfilled our mission objectives quickly with minimal casualties. Overall, my combat experience was something less than what I had expected as it seemed more like a massive EPW exercise versus the epic combat I had imagined or seen in movies.

Upon returning to Camp Pendleton in April 1991 I was still hungry for adventure and the only place to get that was forwardly deployed. I transferred to Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines and deploed on a Wes-Pac, then followed that up with another UDP (Unit Deployment Program) to Okinawa. After 5 years, ten months in the Marines I had deployed three times around the world and spent over 1/3rd of my 6 year enlistment forwardly deployed. I had obtained the rank of Sergeant and had been part of special operations capable missions (not to be confused with Special Forces.) I was the team leader for a Mobile Training Team so in a nutshell besides my duties as a section leader for TOWs and Heavy Weapons, I was a glorified instructor on weapons and tactics organic to the Marine Corps infantry. I conducted missions in Okinawa, Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, but that wasn't enough to keep me interested. In November of 1994, I was done and when I say done, I was done. I ended my enlistment sixty days early with terminal leave and went looking for adventure elsewhere.

I found another outlet for my adventure bug in Houston, Texas. There I attended a commercial diving school (diver not driver). Six months later I graduated and was certified to work the oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. I went to work for a company called American Oilfield Divers and after several months an opportunity to start their Inland Dive division came up and I took it. However, my life as a commercial diver would be short lived. One, it doesn't pay what you think it does and second, I was almost killed. So, when an opportunity came my way to begin a new career as an executive protection agent (bodyguard), I took it. You might be thinking, almost died as a diver but now becoming a bodyguard? Yes, because it paid better and c'mon, how cool is it to say you're a bodyguard?

I moved to Northern Virginia, attended some intensive training and upon graduation went to work. My first detail was working residence post for the Saudi Royal family in Beverly Hills and Washington, DC. That first detail set me up and I met some great men that I still know today. I continued as an executive protection agent for ten years and worked for many different clients around the world, but one thing I lacked was a solid family life. That all changed in 2002 in an old Irish Pub north of San Diego. A beautiful young woman approached me, handed me her business card and flatly stated, "If you ever need a piece of land, give me a call." When I looked at her card I laughed because her last name was Land and she was a real estate agent. I was smitten from the first look, right there I just knew she was the one. As I watched her leave the pub I knew I wanted a piece of Land.

Fast forward from that day and I'm a blessed man with Tahnee (Land) as my wife and two sweet little daughters, Scarlette and Savannah.

My itch for writing came back in the summer of 2011 but this time I approached it differently. I decided then and there to make writing a career not a hobby and boy, what a difference a shift in mindset can make

Since 2011, I have written twelve books and helped in the creation of five others.

When I'm not writing, I stay active within the writing and veteran community by mentoring new authors. I also make time with my family a priority because in the end nothing matters more.

I live in San Diego, CA.

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