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Writers in the Field: Your Hogwarts Letter Has Arrived...!
Okay, so you know that whole thing about karma: whatever it is you dump out into the cosmic ocean on a daily basis will eventually wash back up at your front door. I cannot say for sure that it's true, but our non-profit literary organization, WORD, has been striving (however imperfectly) to pour out extreme quantities of love, realness and radical generosity.
Of course, you never know exactly how your moral exports will come back to you – but last year, a bona-fide unicorn beached itself at my feet. Only this is a marine metaphor, so like... maybe a narwhal or something. His name is Shane.

He's basically Mead Hall Dumbledore.
Anyway, you know, when somebody just randomly says to you, "Hey, so my wife and I own sixteen acres, and we've been running this big-ass awesome steampunk ren-faire for a few years now, and I'm not a writer or anything, but I'm a huge reader, and... how do I say this... is there some way I could help you guys like, not screw up your fight scenes?  And period clothing and such? Like, if I got some of my sword guys down here, and a poisons expert, and the WWII artillery crew, and some folks who could show you how to pick locks and sew Victorian underwear and make real-life herbal remedies and stuff... do you think writers would be interested in a thing like that?”
And y'all... when a dapper pipe-smoking karma-narwhal asks you a thing like that, there is really only one thing to say.

Writers in the Field: a hands-on, gloves-off, first-of-its-kind research experience for writers! Handle authentic weaponry, clothing, tools, and more - Interview nationally-renowned field experts - Explore thirteen acres of live demonstrations, special exhibits, and rare displays - October 13th and 14th in Mansfield, Texas. Featuring wonders medieval to modern - outdoor venue with shade and seating - wine-tasting by prior reservation - live music and evening performances - tickets starting at $50! Register now at www.writersinthefield.com
It's called Writers in the Field. It is going to be PHENOMENAL. And I am asking for your help in making it an unforgettable smash hit.

Shane and his crew have thrown themselves into building this event. They'll bring in a slew of experts from their huge arcane Rolodex, for every kind of hands-on tutorial and demonstration you can think of.
Anybody know a good potions professor?

There’ll be first aid, security, parking, concessions, restrooms, vendors, electricity, and wifi all taken care of – and kept the ticket price for the entire glorious weekend to only $50. Yes, really.
This is it, guys. This is your Hogwarts.
This is going to be an incredible event, y'all. It's built - it's happening - and the only thing we need now is you.
And let me be clear: even if you live a thousand miles away, we still need you.
If the logistics don't work out for you to attend this year – we still need you.
If this isn't exactly up your genre alley, or your writing is on the back-burner right now, or you've already given your bottom dollar for worthy causes and don't have a penny to spare – we still need you.
Because dang it, the fun's not going to have itself!

If you're thinking "man, this is such a cool idea - why hasn't anybody done this before?", let me tell you: it's because an event like this is a five-leafed clover. Because nailing down the venue AND the outdoor-event-management know-how AND the talent AND the community connections AND still keeping the cost down to something the humble striving scrivener can afford... is near impossible. You can't do all this when you are hiring for each of those positions. You can't create something like this as a strictly transactional enterprise.
Which means that something like Writers in the Field can only happen under the most perfect and unlikely conditions – when you have *exactly* the right balance of passion, talent, generosity, and one-in-a-million golden opportunity. We just-so-happen to have lucked our way into the perfect primordial alchemy here - and you are the lightning that is going to bring it to life.
Your playground awaits...

 ...and so does your saloon.
So. If you like the idea of making hands-on education and research opportunities accessible to writers from every walk of life – we need you.

Tickets can be purchased at: https://www.writersinthefield.com/

We will have the preliminary schedule up by June/July with classes and bios listed. A sampling of some of things to expect: sword fighting, military expertise, horses, medieval crash courses, science as told by actual doctors, martial arts fighting, along with herbs and their fantastic uses, etc. Again, the two-day adventure is based in Mansfield, Texas at the Amber Inn Academy, which is south of Fort Worth.

This is how we do it, guys. This is how we know more and do better, how we become better writers and researchers. This is how game-changing greatness begins.

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