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If you read Writing Belle often, you know that I'm always looking for fun, fresh, and new content for this website. 
I love sharing talent with the world, and I was just tickled to learn about our featured author/blogger of the week. 

Branching Creativity is basically an online storybook, where kids can explore short stories and poetry from all kinds of zany characters, including lots of colorful, silly artwork. 

Today, I'm interviewing Nova (a character created by the site's founder, Madison Quiring), and asking all about what Branching Creativity is here to do, and how all of these fun stories come into being! 

Check out the interview below, 
as well as a special story shared here just for you!  

Interview With Nova 

Welcome to Writing Belle! Introduce yourself to everyone here!
Heya Writing Belle and community of awesome peeps! I’m Nova, a scribbler, a dreamer, and a bit of a goofball. Oh, and I’m also the author of the fun short kid’s stories on the site  It’s super sweet to be here. Thanks again for having me.

Explain Branching Creativity. What is it and what would you say is your goal with it?
Wow, where do I start?  Branching Creativity is like a humongous storybook. One moment you’re a lava kid, the next you’re flying through the stars on your bed. It’s bunches of fun for everyone. My quest is to bring back the silly. The sillier, the better. I want kids to giggle and laugh, I want those oversized kids, what are they called again? Adults? Yeah! Those guys and gals in suits, the ones with gray hair, the ones that are doing adulty things to snicker and chuckle.

Have you always been interested in writing?
I think I was born with a crayon in my hand…As I got taller, I started using markers. Who knew walls were such a great writing material! Now if only there had been more of them. I had the potential for a full trilogy of Tolkien sized novels. (Trust me my parents loved this.)

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a kids book called, “The Zillowpuff That Stole My Briefcase”…or “The Avengers Four, Chasing The Puffzilla.” (I think the later will be a hit! If only Marvel peeps would return my calls…)
What inspires you to write? What is your favorite genre or age category to write in?
Life does! There are stories everywhere. That plant by you has one, so does the pup that passed you outside. I’m just jotting them down and adding a little extra imagination and silly to them. My favorite category is kid’s books! Specifically between the ages of four to eight.
Do you create your own art?
I do! Everything you see on @branchingcreativity on Instagram I have scribbled. Any recent story has my drawings pasted throughout. Stories are more fun with bright and silly colored pictures.

How can people find you online?
You can find me on my website and sign up for an email that will alert you when I’ve posted a new story. You can also follow my cool doodles on Instagram @branchingcreativity as well as on Facebook. As for my book, “The Puffasourus That Stole My Briefcase” it’s releasing soon. I’ve got an early Christmas launch planned. It’s. So. Exciting!

Thanks so much for visiting with us today! 
Thank you so much for having me. This was fun! Let’s do it again real soon, okay? Ps. If you haven’t read The Resurrection Series by this gal, you’re missing out! I don’t think I’ve ever been so glued to a book before as I was with State of Emergency (Book) (Volume 1). Thanks again for having me! Hugs for everyone!

The Shark Under My Bed
From Branching Creativity

I asked my mom for four slices of bread,
So I could avoid going to bed. 
Because going to bed fills me with dread!

"Enough bread, it's time for bed!" Mom said. 
"Please, please, pe-lease. Five more minutes," I pled. 
"I won't eat more bread. Let's read instead!"

My mom didn't listen to my sorrowful and heartfelt pleas. 
I landed in my room faster than I could say my ABC's. 

Inside my bedroom, I turned on three nightlights.
The dark gives me such a terrible fright.
Because a bad shark comes out at night. 

I tried to sneak out of my bedroom. 
But I was thwarted by the hallway broom!
I tripped and it fell with a loud BOOM. 

My mom leapt out of her room--a surprise attack!
She took my hand and marched me back.

Under my bed, two eyes glared up at me.
I sank in my covers feeling smaller than a flea. 
I'd swim across the big ocean to flee. 

I hate, hate, hate scary bedroom sharks. 
I wish mine would go and live under a bench in the park. 
Then I wouldn't be so afraid of the dark. 

I looked out my window at the bright stars outside. 
I wish I could glide in their light in the countryside. 

One red button appeared on my nightstand. 
Enough is enough! I took my stand.
I hit the button with both of my hands.

My bed began to rumble and shake, 
It started to tilt, steam and quake. 
I pinched myself to make sure I was awake. 

My bed lifted off the ground like a spaceship,
I gripped my bed tight, ready for a wild trip!

"Blast off!" I said, and prepared to fly. 
My bed and I shot up high into the sky.
I waved to my house and shouted, "Goodbye!" 

My spaceship was faster than bikes and cars.
In seconds I could touch comets and stars.
I even touched the surface of Mars!

Out in space, the dark wasn't bad,
It actually pretty and rad.

The dark helped me see the planets and stars.
I discovered my favorite planet is definitely Mars.
It's the perfect spot for bumper cars. 

"Grrr," came a noise from under my bed. 
I felt sick, and my face paled from dread.
"No bad sharks allowed! Go away," I pled. 

How did the shark get all the way up here?  
I snuck a peek under the bed and jumped in fear

The shark clung to the bottom of my bed,
Swinging by a thin, dangling thread. 
I swallowed my fear and went ahead.

I grabbed her slippery fins with my bare hands. 
The shark was heavier than I ever planned.
With a hard tug and pull, we both crash landed

On my fluffy pillows, almost falling off. 
I stared at the shark, it was a standoff.

Then the shark gave me a big slimy hug,
And a, 'thanks bunches for saving me' mug. 
The bed flew us back home, while we sat snug,

On my pillows, drinking tasty tea.
I was happier than a bumble bee!
Once we landed in my room, the shark

Plopped, flopped and squished back under my bed. 
Now, when I come to bed, I don't feel dread

I'm ready to go to bed.
Because at eight when the clock dings then chimes,  
Sharky flops up on my bed and it's space-time!

We visit new galaxies every night. 
And we bask in their colorful starlight. 
Our night flights are a wonderful delight!

We're the bestest space buddies! And it's grand,
Getting to explore this starry wonderland.

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