Friday, August 31, 2018


Happy Labor Day Weekend, ya'll! Here in California, it's still hot and sunny, so while it may signal the end of summer in some places, it definitely feels like July here. 

I love to read books during the summertime, but there's something especially delicious about settling down with a good novel when the months get crisper and the leaves begin to fall to the ground. I absolutely love curling up with a blanket and a cup of tea on a rainy October day, reading a slightly spooky novel. Who else is with me? And then there's the fun of arranging pumpkin decorations, thinking ahead to Thanksgiving food, and enjoying boots, scarves, and jumping in puddles (I hope someone besides me jumps in puddles, too). 

This Fall, I'll be continuing to feature authors for the 2018 author promotion program here at Writing Belle. I've also got a few announcements to make! 

1. Resurrection: Sign of Six is releasing December 7, 2018. The third installment in the bestselling series will return with Cassidy Hart and her friends. This novel is going to be a blast. Cassidy will visit a foreign country, meet a new enemy, and make decisions about the loves of her life once and for all. 

2. Labor Day Sale. This weekend, Prolific: Writing A Hit Novel is on sale for 0.99 cents. If you've been thinking about reading the book, this is the time to pick it up! I had a ton of fun writing it and it's been so nice to know that people have been finding it useful for their writing journey.

3. EIGHT. A new monthly serial. I will be releasing a series of monthly 100-page installments. This is what you call "serial fiction." Each installment will be 0.99 cents, and each installment will literally be one "chapter" of the story. It will follow the story of a young child assassin named Eight and her journey in a secret training academy meant to prepare her to be one of the world's greatest killers. It's going to be a fun ride! 

4. Booking for 2019 begins now. Again, I've covered this topic before, but here's a little reminder. My maternity leave begins at Christmas, and will last until March 2019. If you want to be featured in Writing Belle's 2019 Author Program, contact me TODAY. I will be putting features together during my maternity leave, but I'll be harder to reach during that window of time. I'm featuring new authors, old authors, and artists (music or illustrator). I'm also featuring editors, agents, and publicists. If you work in publishing or the creative arts, HIT ME UP! (See my author program page). 

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