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Title: Love in the Numbers
Author: S.R. Mullins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: Available NOW on Amazon!
Official Synopsis
Lucy has one rule, no dating coworkers. After being burned, she swore never again would she let herself fall for someone she works with. 
Then she meets Mason. 
Will she break her rule and let love in? If she does, will she also break her heart?
Mason is home from Seattle, ready to take over his father’s accounting business. Meeting Lucy was a happy accident but the beautiful girl wants nothing to do with him. 

Can Mason show Lucy that love is worth taking a chance on?
Special Excerpt
(Courtesy of the author)

I open the door to enter the garage and turn the corner to the left towards my car, and I hit a hard wall of muscular chest and the iced coffee that muscular chest was carrying. It takes me a second to realize what has happened. 
The cold coffee is seeping through my clothes and I start to shiver. I drop my purse and start to unbutton and peel the jacket off hoping to get the worst of the cold wetness away from my skin.
“I’m so sorry. I was on my phone and not…” The deep voice starts but cuts off without finishing. 
I look into the face of the owner of that muscular chest and I am instantly transfixed by the most beautiful icy blue eyes. They are unlike any I have ever seen before. They seem to be changing the longer I am looking into them, becoming darker and even more alluring. 
He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. He must be at least a foot taller than my 5' 2", with a high sculpted chin and wide strong nose. His dark brown beard is thick but well-trimmed. His dark hair is slicked back away from his handsome face. It’s the kind of hair that is too long on the top and short on the sides, but still long enough to get your fingers tangled in. 
My heart starts to go a mile a minute the longer I stare at him. His mouth starts to move, and my eyes are drawn to his lips. Holy crap, the things that man could do to me with those lips. 
WAIT. His lips are moving… is he talking to me?

About the Author 
Growing up, S.R. Mullins was always told to "Write what you know." So, living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, this beautiful backdrop was inspiration for her books. Born in Arizona, she moved to the Inland Northwest to explore a new area and the beautiful weather that Northern Idaho provides. 
S.R. is an avid romance fan herself, who reads as much as she possibly can. When she isn't reading, writing or taking long walks around the lake, S.R. is baker and a particular foodie.  
Thanks to the help of her self publishing expert mother, she is grateful for the opportunity to create and share stories of love with the world.


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