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EYESIGHT TO THE BLIND: A Journey From Darkness To Light, from Author Richard F. Holmes

Author: Richard F. Holmes 
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This is an extraordinary book that tells the story of the author's journey from a place of darkness to one of light.  You will experience a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and lows as he takes your hand and leads you on a guided tour into the depths of depression, which he lived with for at least 28 years.  Whilst there you will feel his pain, you will be impressed by his brutal honesty and you will laugh… a lot!  You will then rise with him and ascend; out of the darkness and into the love.
This is not just another run-of-the-mill book on the paranormal; it is also an essential guide for daily living.  Author Richard F Holmes bares his soul as he gives the reader an insight into a medium's work and life on the road, and his between 200 and 300 out-of-body experiences and how he has experienced different realms of existence and interacted with discarnate souls.  Incredibly, he then explains how it all pales into insignificance as life starts to reveal its true meaning.
"As I take the reader through each stage of my journey from childhood to present day, I have tried to write from the perspective of the mind-set and understanding that I had at the time.  The idea is that the reader evolves with the writer through mutual experience. Although I have refrained from using bad language, the language I have used reflects who I am; after all, you can take the boy out of North London, but you can never take North London out of the boy".
The beauty of this book however, is the central message that the author conveys via his writing.  In life you do not have to be a victim.  Each and every one of us is powerful beyond our imagination.  It is only the thought that we are not that makes us victims.  Eyesight To The Blind is an exciting and powerful book that really needs to be read from cover to cover, it combines the paranormal with spirituality, but it is also a practical guide for daily living.

Excerpt from the Novel, Courtesy of Richard F. Holmes: 
A whole new world opened up for me.  I found very quickly that simply by “thinking” myself in a particular direction I would start travelling in that direction.  I also learned very quickly to be able to pass through solid objects.  Astral energy has a much finer vibration than matter; that's why we can't normally see it, but all energy appears solid in its own relevant plane of existence.

In the early days I always kept my eyes closed until I got to my destination, because I found that if I opened them en-route it put a dampener on things and I ended up straight back in my body.  Eventually, I was able to open my eyes during the outbound journey, enabling me to view the surroundings and my companion.  However, not all journeys have been smooth and I've only on very rare occasions had the same companion twice.  On one occasion I had a soul whom I nicknamed "Einstein", because he resembled that great man of science with his crazy, wild hair.  It was so uncomfortable for me that I got quite angry and demanded that I return immediately to my body.  I did go straight back in my body, but not before acquiring an astral bruise.  As incredible as it seems, that is exactly what happened.  Einstein was so clumsy, he actually bruised me, and I felt it within my being for a couple of days afterwards.  It remains the only time that this has ever happened to me.

Incredibly, on some occasions it got so boring that I questioned the relevance of the experience.  On one such occasion I learned that all I needed to do was think myself back into my body, and I would be back in the blink of an eye.  There has only been one time when I seemed to be stuck and contemplated the thought that I might possibly have "died". I ended up outside what looked like a very small version of one of those open-planned newsagents that you get in airports.  There was no soul anywhere to be seen except me.  I seem to remember looking to try to fathom out what was going on in the "astral news".  All I could see was blank placards and I remember thinking that I was wasting my time.  I "thought" myself back into my body but nothing happened!  I did it a few more times and still nothing happened.  Eventually, I started to make a very slow journey back to my body; it seemed to take an age but I got there in the end.

In the early days things were shown to me that indicated that these experiences can be used to show you scenes from previous lives.  In my case I was shown things that I understand to be from my two previous lives; but I have no way of proving this.
I don't know why these events happened the way they did, and I also don't know why I always had a companion and how our destination was decided.  It was also several years before I wondered what the point of it all was.  But later I will give an insight into the greater understanding of astral travel that I have these days.  I will also mention here that in my own personal experience, when I am out of my body I have no concept of the physical life.  What I do have though, is a knowing sense of having unfinished business here in my physical form and an understanding that my body is somehow being held in suspended animation until I return to it.  

This is how I was able to rationalize that I may in fact have "died", on the occasion when it took a while to return.  After having several of these experiences I decided that I would keep a record.  This I did, but for reasons that I still do not know, I randomly decided one day that I didn't need to keep such records and destroyed my journal.
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About the Author 

A Londoner by birth, Richard now lives in the South West of England. He has written 13 books in the spiritual/self-help genre and also produced eight CDs; five of meditation and three of mantra chanting. However, he has removed most of his prior work from circulation as he feels that it no longer represents who he is today. As well as being a writer, Richard works in a hospice. He is also an artist when he gets the inspiration, and he worked as a medium for 17 years, giving public demonstrations of mediumship.
Since the so-called “shift” at the end of 2012, Richard has had what he describes as, “a series of eureka moments”, where life has started to reveal its true meaning. As a result, he saw the futility of continuing his work as a medium and finally gave it up early in 2018 in order to concentrate on his day job.
Richard’s influences are, Ramana Maharshi, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Paramahansa Yogananda, Osho and Rupert Spira.

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