Sunday, September 15, 2019


It's been a hot minute since I sat down to update everyone on what's been going on in my life lately, writing-wise. I took a small break from the world of fiction to rest a bit after my 26th release in July of this year, and now I'm back at it again with more writing! 

While I'm definitely working on Cassidy Hart's next adventure (Child of Darkness), I'm also plugging away at a new fictional escapade that I will begin teasing in November 2019. I will release the first few pages at that time, and I will continue to release snippets here and there until the project is closer to its release. 

I'm so excited to share this story with everyone. It's a brand new cast, story, and environment. It's a science-fiction thriller and romance, with just a dash of post-apocalyptic fun. It will also be my first "adult" novel, although I suspect many young adult readers will still be checking this one out. 

I am also currently on the hunt for books to feature on Writing Belle for the upcoming holiday season. I'm looking for a boatload of holiday-themed novels/short stories/novellas to feature between November and December. No limit to how many I feature. As many as possible! 

Don't hesitate to reach out, even if I've featured you in the past! I'm always game to do a follow-up feature if it works out! 

Stay tuned, folks...more to come, and keep an eye out for my annual Spooky Reading List for October this year! 

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