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Only the best cadets become Legion Pilots…

And as far as pilots go, Erin Colt is one of the best in the world.

The year is 2100.

The place is Earth.

The mission?

Be the best, and stay alive.

Plucked from the squalor of the Orphan Quadrant at the age of 7, Erin Colt is a skilled fighter pilot for the post-apocalyptic territory of the United States, and one of a crew of twelve carefully selected individuals from around the world who have been designated with the task of manning the International Space Station, an attempt at international cooperation as a global war rages on the surface of the planet below.

Yet diplomacy is not as easy as it seems. After a century of war, differences can be difficult to overcome.

As the ISS orbits Earth, Erin and her crew watch in horror as the world disintegrates beneath their feet, ravaging their home countries. Stranded in orbit, with no way to return home to a destroyed planet, it becomes their mission to not only survive, but to find a way to return to Earth.

With limited supplies and no surviving nations to communicate with, Erin and the crew must work quickly against the unforgiving void of space and their own fierce differences to survive.

They may very well be the last humans from Earth.

They may even be humanity’s last hope.

Packed with action, romance, and suspense, this gritty and pulse-pounding thriller from #1 bestselling author Summer Lane will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. 

* * *

HERE IT IS! At last! The idea for this novel sprang from a conversation I had with my husband a couple of years ago now while we were driving back from a camping trip. I have been working on it ever since, and it's been quite a monumental project! This novel is part military thriller, part dystopian mystery, part post-apocalyptic survival, and part heavy romantic suspense. I love writing adventure stories, and I can't resist romance, so I have combined every element that I wanted for this book and included it. The novel will be told in 3 main parts, beginning with Erin Colt's cadet training and culminating in the intense, gritty mission to the ISS with her crew. I wanted readers to really go on an exciting, all-encompassing adventure with Erin in this futuristic world, and I believe the end product will delight everyone (I hope! Lol!). 

The book will be available in the Spring, but I don't have an EXACT date yet. I am transferring to a B.S. program in December and the next 2 years are going to be CRAZY busy, but I will do everything I can to get this book out in a timely matter. I am not sure yet about pre-orders, but I will keep you updated here and on my social media platforms/my newsletter. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about this novel. It's going to be a rock and roll thrill ride! 

 THANK YOU for supporting me, as always, and I can't wait until this spring! 

 Here's a peek at the full wrap. The paperback will be a special, fully-formatted edition available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I will also be allowing orders for special, autographed copies, too!

  Have a great rest of your week!




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