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You have been patient. You have been waiting. And I have been working so hard over the past year to find time to work Resurrection: Vengeful Dawn into my writing roster...and here it is. The pre-order link is OFFICIALLY LIVE, and you can pre-order the Kindle version of the book right now! The official launch of the novel is scheduled for JANUARY 7, 2022. Also, how cool is the final cover?? Steven J. Catizone designed it for me, as usual, and he did an AMAZING job. It tells the story of the novel SO WELL. 

It's hard to believe that I originally conceived upon the idea and wrote the original manuscript about Cassidy Hart in 2012, officially making the series 10 years old next year (I'M GETTING OLD - SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY). 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting my novels and Cassidy Hart's stories over the years. This finale novel is, as I said, the final installment in the Resurrection story line. Following this, I will launch Expedition 99 (which is mostly already written), and Cassidy Hart's story will continue in a new series of political and dystopian thrillers, which will be a more adult continuation of Cassidy's story. 

I've had a lot of delays and unforeseen bumps in the road pop up through 2021 that made it impossible to get my books launched in the Spring and Summer, but I'm making up for it now...finally!

Without further ado, here is the official pre-order link, which is ONLY 2.99 right now!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas season, and I can't wait to share Cassidy's final Resurrection adventure with you: 



It all comes down to this.

This moment. This fight. This opportunity to avenge the fallen and restore the republic.

This is my war now, and mine alone.

Cassidy Hart is broken but alive.

After emerging from a bunker in the Yukon wilderness, Cassidy is once again united with the Freedom Fighters of the militia. Shattered from a gutting loss and struggling to readjust to life above ground, she is shocked at how much the world has changed during her time in Silo Nation.

The world is tightly controlled by a technologically advanced AI army that answers to the terrifying and evil globalist kingpin, Ares. Cassidy’s three-year-old daughter, Penny, has been taken by Ares’ forces, a crucial political hostage. Cassidy will stop at nothing to get her back.

For Cassidy, the war isn’t just about freedom anymore: it’s about vengeance. It’s about rescuing her daughter from Ares’ evil influence. It’s about taking the post-apocalyptic world back from a diabolical madman and his seemingly invincible forces. It’s about finding the ability to love again and facing her first love, Commander Chris Young, once more. It’s about bringing the fight for independence and liberty to a final close and making the ultimate sacrifice.

This is the end of the line.

This is the world’s vengeful, burgeoning dawn.

The final, thrilling installment in the bestselling Resurrection Series, by Summer Lane.

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