Saturday, February 25, 2012

Through My Eyes

Every once in a while I read a really fun biography, and I have to share it with you guys. Tim Tebow is a pretty famous figure in the media right now, and I decided to read his book because he seemed like such a good role model for kids everywhere, boys and girls alike.

To be honest, some of the technical football terms went over my head - just how many football secret play words are there? 'Oh look! It's another 'Thomas Edison Lightbulb Touchdown Pass!"' I don't know how he remembers all that terminology, but he does. It's actually extremely impressive when it comes to all the tortuous (yes, tortuous!) training he goes through to be a good football player. I got tired just reading about it. 

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm not prime NFL material. 
It's a shock, I know. 
But football aside, Tim Tebow has such a wonderful story, and I'm glad he shared it through this book. He was originally going to be aborted as a baby, since the doctors told his mother that she would die if she carried him to term. Obviously, he wasn't aborted and he's gone on to have a brilliant career - both on and off the football field. His talent, but most importantly, his charitable efforts and great attitude are what set him apart from other celebrities in the spotlight right now. His story was actually very inspiring for me, at a point in life where you wonder if you have to "reinvent yourself' when you're going through college and break away from the beliefs that you were raised with. You don't. And it's nice to know that somebody still stands up for what's right, in addition to being unashamed of the gospel of Christ, which is ultimately the most important thing. +


  1. I am not a super smart football person either, but I am a huge Tebow fan. He really is amazing and I can't help but admire him for standing for something good and not letting fame turn him into something different. :)

  2. Tim is a class act (though his throwing arm could use a little tune-up. Heh). Glad to hear the book was inspiring.

  3. I just heard about Tim about three weeks ago- I know, where have I been. But, I don't watch football. My friend's son told me all about him and even showed me his well known "stance". I will have to tell my friend about this book. Maybe she can impress her son with some information about Tim. Great review!



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