Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Announcement about The Collapse Series

Good day, folks. Hope your Labor Day Weekend went well! My birthday is on Friday, and before I turn yet another year older (it happens to everybody), I figured I'd make my big announcement regarding The Collapse Series. First off, State of Emergency has been a national bestseller since it released on January 18th of this year. State of Chaos hit the presses on June 28th - less than six months later - and it's been a bestseller, too! Cassidy's story is reaching thousands of people every month - and I'm so grateful for the amount of success this series has had so far. 

I've gotten an impressive number of requests from readers with questions about the third installment: 
What's its title? 
What's the release date? 
What's it about? 
Well, here's what I can tell you right now. The third installment in The Collapse Series (I should be revealing the title in the next few months), will be released:
Winter 2013
I should have a specific date very soon...thank you for reading my books and continuing to dive into Cassidy Hart's adventures! 

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