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Reapers: An Interview with New Author Josh Collins

Title: Reapers: The Shadow Soldiers 
Author: Josh Collins 
Release Date: Available Now! 

Amid a violent terrorist takeover on the icy planet of Silverset, Ben Burns, a troubled former black ops assassin, is forced to join the fight. Assigned to a mysterious team of misfits, and equipped in illegal battle armor, he stands a chance at becoming the hero Silverset needs. The real question is, who will save him?

Josh Collins is a young author who just released his first self-published novel, a science-fiction adventure sure to thrill young and old readers alike. Check out his book and lend your support! Josh also took a few moments to answer some fun questions for Writing Belle. 

Here is an interview with the up and coming writer. 

Interview with the Author

When did you start writing? 

Creatively, I didn't start seriously writing until early 2014, when I came up with the initial idea for Reapers. Though, I've always been a natural with words. 

How did the idea for Reapers come about? What was the story-creation process like? 

Some of it came from TV shows or movies I liked. Other bits came from the real world.

How long did it take you to write the book - from day one to publication? 

Honestly, it was a bit of a loopy process. It took many forms, from movie scripts to animated features, and was put on hold a lot. I worked on two other books before coming back to this. There was just something about this story that I couldn't give up on. Once I began working on it seriously, it took most of 2015. So, I'd say a year and a couple of months. 

Why do you think people would enjoy your book? 

It's labeled science-fiction but it's really a human story. Most are going to be able to understand the themes in this novel. There are no scientific principles or theories being thrown out. The topics here: depression, hope, hatred and love are all inherently inside each of us. We deal with them every day. Yes, it has soldiers in seriously cool armor beating up intergalactic terrorists, but at it's core it's about people.

What authors do you enjoy reading - and which ones have influenced you as far as inspiration goes? 

This is probably strange, but I actually don't read all that much. I watch a lot of movies. That's where I began to understand story structure. 

Do you plan on writing more books in the future? 

Absolutely! In fact, I don't think it's physically possible for me to stop.

How did the idea for Reapers come about? What was the story-creation process like? 

It was a single 'ah-ha' moment followed by several months of forming it all up. 

Why science-fiction? 

Tough question. I'm not really that into science, which is probably why Reapers isn't really that scientific. I like to be creative, I guess. I like to make stuff up. It's not that I don't like to learn or that I'm afraid of doing serious research, it's just a lot more fun to come up with an idea and run with it.

What advice do you have for those who are struggling to finish their own manuscripts? 

Just do it. Write. Get it on the page. It's a lot harder to give up on a 350 page manuscript than it is on a 5 page scribble. Even if that 5 page scribble has perfect sentence structure. Look, writing books isn't like most jobs where if you make a mistake it's permanent. If you make a mistake, you've got MANY edits to fix it. So, just write. Get it out there and then go back and fix it. Trust me. I am a perfectionist with a capital P. I spent several months working only on chapter one. If I kept up that rate, Reapers wouldn't even be done yet. I just had to write and not give a crap. You can always fix it later. 

Where can readers connect with you online (all social media links that you want my readers to know about) 

If you're interested:
You can follow me on twitter at:
Give my Facebook page a like at:
Or check out my website at: www.

Where can we buy your book? 

Currently, it is only available on Link:

What's next for Josh Collins? 

The sequel to Reapers, actually. More on that will be posted in the coming months on my various social media profiles!

About the Author 

Josh Collins was born in the state of Colorado. He always enjoyed intriguing stories and had a knack for the written word.  His debut novel, Reapers: The Shadow Soldiers, is available now!

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