Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sign-Ups for BLOOD ROAD are OPEN!

Good afternoon! It's nearly Labor Day Weekend, which means (for some of us, at least), that there is a glorious three-day weekend ahead. Oh, and my birthday. That's right, I LOVE birthdays and my birthday is just around the corner! **releases balloons into the sky**

In other news (and in fact, the point of this entire post), the blitz sign-ups for Bravo: Blood Road, the sequel and final installment of the #1 bestselling Bravo Saga, are now officially open, hosted through the always-efficient and incredible Xpresso Book Tours! The post window begins on October 21st and runs through October 25th of this year. 

I would love if you participated! It's bloggers and tweeters and Facebookers and Instagrammers (and everything else in between) that makes the world go 'round for authors. Thank you for your support! I would be very appreciative of your help, as I always am! 

As an added bonus, you are welcome to enter the nation-wide giveaway to win a Kindle Fire with the release of the novel! 

Sign up right HERE

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