Tuesday, January 10, 2017

NEW: Quick Picks of the Month: January

Last week, we rang in the new year by talking about resolutions from an author's point of view. This week, I'm sharing my quick fiction/non-fiction picks for starting the 2017 year off on the right foot! (When I say quick, I mean I'm giving you the title and author only!) 

I'm going to give you a comprehensive list of what I'm reading every single month this year. Let's see where that takes us, okay? 

I have personally pledged to try and read AT LEAST 100 books this year. That goal was impossible for me to achieve in 2016 because I was moving and planning a wedding, in addition to writing and publishing 5 of my own novels. Now that I'm settled and have my footing again, I'm planning on happily jumping right back in to my favorite reading rhythm. I've already read 3 books so far in the last week or so, and it's been an adventure so far. (Can you tell I'm a book freak?) 

Here's what I'm reading right now - categorized by whether I'm currently reading them, planning on reading them, am reading them for educational purposes or if I've already finished! If these books interest you, hop on Amazon and support the author by purchasing the novel! 

Just Finished: 
The Last One, by Alexandra Oliva 

Reading Next: 
The Thief Taker, by C.S. Quinn

On My List: 
A Dog's Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron 

Just Finished: 
Three Years in the Klondike, by Jeremiah Lynch

Currently Reading: 
Really Bad Girls of the Bible, by Liz Curtis Higgs 

On My List: 
The Girl Who Came Home, by Hazel Gaynor

For Non-Fiction Research: 
A Woman Who Went to Alaska, by May Kellogg Sullivan 

On My List: 
What She Knew, by Gilly Macmillan 

Reading Next: 
Bird Box, by Josh Malerman 

For Women: 
Uninvited, by Lisa TerKeurst 

Just Finished: 
H20, BY Virginia Bergin 

Also for Non-Fiction Research: 
Alaska's Wolf-Man, by Jim Rearden 

On My List: 
The Infinite Sea, by Rick Yancey 

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