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Barry Eisler: NYT Bestselling Author of John Rain Series

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Barry Eisler is an author I came across a few weeks ago, and his books are so cool that they were definitely worth mentioning during my 2017 Author Promotion Program. For those of you who may not know, Barry is a Bestselling (And New York Times Bestselling) American author of the John Rain Novels (among others). Not too long ago, Barry did an interview on Jennifer Jayne's website, where he talked about turning down a 500K publishing deal in favor of independent publishing. He explains his decision here - check it out, it's totally worth it! 

To readers, Eisler is famous for his gripping novels. According to his website: "Barry Eisler spent three years in a covert position with the CIA's Directorate of Operations, then worked as a technology lawyer and startup executive in Silicon Valley and Japan, earning his black belt at the Kodokan International Judo Center along the way. Eisler's bestselling thrillers have won the Barry Award and the Gumshoe Award for Best Thriller of the Year, have been included in numerous "Best Of" lists, and have been translated into nearly twenty languages. Eisler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and, when he's not writing novels, blogs about torture, civil liberties, and the rule of law." ( 

Today, I'm featuring the first book in his John Rain series, A Clean Kill in Tokyo (previously published as Rain Fall). 

Official Synopsis: 
(From Amazon.Com) 

Name: John Rain.
Vocation: Assassin.
Specialty: Natural Causes.
Base of operations: Tokyo.
Availability: Worldwide.
Half American, half Japanese, expert in both worlds but at home in neither, John Rain is the best killer money can buy. You tell him who. You tell him where. He doesn’t care about why…
Until he gets involved with Midori Kawamura, a beautiful jazz pianist—and the daughter of his latest kill.
A Clean Kill in Tokyo was previously published as Rain Fall, the first in the bestselling John Rain assassin series.

Grab it on Amazon today: Buy It Now!

Check out a full and complete list of Barry Eisler's published works right HERE. 

If you're looking for something new and exciting, give his books a shot today! 

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