Friday, March 31, 2017

STATE OF HOPE (Collapse Series, Final Installment!): Cover, Synopsis and RELEASE DATE REVEAL!

Title: State of Hope 
Series: Collapse Series #10 
Author: Summer Lane 
Release Date: June 9, 2017 
Series Cover Artist: Steven J. Catizone 
(holla at this guy for his amazing covers - he always does a rock 'n' roll job!)
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This is it.
Cassidy Hart and her comrades have returned to their home: California, the final battlefield in the fight against the global terror, Omega. Commander Chris Young is in critical condition, the United States Navy has acquired new weapons, and the militias have just made a discovery that could change everything.

Faced with tragedy, heartbreak, and destruction, Cassidy is tempted to give up.

But she is a fighter. Defeat is not in her blood.

When confronted with the possibility of resurrecting the leadership of the United States of America, she will do anything to make the dream of stability a reality. She and Lieutenant Uriah True, along with the legendary strike team, the Angels of Death, undertake a dangerous and outrageous mission, unlike anything they have ever attempted. They will find themselves in the very epicenter of Omega’s stronghold.

Yet doubt remains. No one can be trusted in this dark new world, and their hope may not be as black and white as it seems. Disappointment and rejection cloud Cassidy’s judgment.

Friends will be lost. Tears will be shed. Sacrifices beyond the imagination will be made. The grim reality and bitter destruction of war will inflict one final sucker punch. 

The militias desperately attempt to hold their ground, and the Freedom Fighters will do everything they can to destroy the greatest evil this world has ever known.

The apocalypse has taken everything from Cassidy, but she will not stop until her heart ceases to beat, and until there is no breath left in her body.

She holds onto hope – hope of a future, hope of victory, and hope of love.

There is no going back. It all ends here.

Are you prepared?

There. Are. No. Words. 
This series has sustained me for the past 5 years - Cassidy Hart is dear to me; as is every single character that has ever surfaced in her world. I cannot BELIEVE I am getting ready to release the final installment. 

It's emotional. It's gritty. It's difficult. It's shocking. 
And, for me, it's sad to say goodbye. 

I can only say that this series has been good to me - the READERS have been good to me. This will be the 10th book in the main series, and the 17th installment in the Collapse Universe. Overall, I'd say that's a rockin' achievement. 

This installment will be a long book - longer than any book that has come before it. It will include a surprise announcement at the end, and some bonus materiel, as well. 

Trust me when I say, this "bonus" material is VERY IMPORTANT. If you're a fan of the series and have been following the story for the last few years, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT. 

That's all I can say about that

But seriously, guys.
Book 10. 
Installment 17. 

I am anticipating sales and downloads like never before. 

And to be honest, I'm nervous. Nervous to release the final book, nervous to say goodbye to the major plot of the Collapse Series, and nervous to allow some characters to leave me. I'm actually getting keyed up and woozy just writing this. 


But the characters of Collapse will always be a part of me - just like Cassidy Hart will be a part of all of us. 
A fighter. A force. 
A girl. 

Until June, my friends. 

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