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Title: State of Hope
Series: Collapse #10 
Author: Summer Lane 
Release: Available NOW! Grab it in digital form or paperback on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble



This is it.
Cassidy Hart and her comrades have returned to their home: California, the final battlefield in the fight against the global terror, Omega. Commander Chris Young is in critical condition, the United States Navy has acquired new weapons, and the militias have just made a discovery that could change everything.

Faced with tragedy, heartbreak, and destruction, Cassidy is tempted to give up.

But she is a fighter. Defeat is not in her blood.

When confronted with the possibility of resurrecting the leadership of the United States of America, she will do anything to make the dream of stability a reality. She and Lieutenant Uriah True, along with the legendary strike team, the Angels of Death, undertake a dangerous and outrageous mission, unlike anything they have ever attempted. They will find themselves in the very epicenter of Omega’s stronghold.

Yet doubt remains. No one can be trusted in this dark new world, and their hope may not be as black and white as it seems. Disappointment and rejection cloud Cassidy’s judgment.

Friends will be lost. Tears will be shed. Sacrifices beyond the imagination will be made. The grim reality and bitter destruction of war will inflict one final sucker punch. 

The militias desperately attempt to hold their ground, and the Freedom Fighters will do everything they can to destroy the greatest evil this world has ever known.

The apocalypse has taken everything from Cassidy, but she will not stop until her heart ceases to beat, and until there is no breath left in her body.

She holds onto hope – hope of a future, hope of victory, and hope of love.

There is no going back. It all ends here.

Are you prepared? Because I'm not! 
Just kidding. Only slightly. 

How many releases have I been through now? 
How many Collapse books are there? 
How many years have elapsed since the writing of the first book? 
About 5. 

I am so overwhelmed with finishing this series that I will periodically burst into tears while sitting at my desk, not because I'm emotionally unstable (although that COULD be a debatable topic), but because the enormity of the task of creating this series has touched me profoundly. It has been a long journey. My life seriously shifted several times over the course of writing this series. Cassidy Hart's adventures have become real to me, as I hope they have become to you. 

I will always be grateful for you, dear readers. Every single one of you. I love you all. Without you, where would I be? 

When you read State of Hope, I encourage you to fight on. If the situation seems hopeless, DON'T LOSE HOPE. Stand with Cassidy and hold on. We've come this far, don't give up now. Victory is so close. 

There is a special edition illustration included in the middle of this novel, along with an announcement regarding the future of the Collapse universe at the end of the novel. You must read the book first before you see what the announcement is - no spoilers here! 

I will also be making my first public appearance this year and signing books - I've been asked for years to do signings, and I have always said I had to wait until Collapse was finished. Well, now it is! If you live in California, expect me to be making rounds in 2017-2018 at your local Barnes & Noble locations. Keep an eye on my website for event information. I would be thrilled to meet you and sign your books! 

I am also giving away all kinds of fun swag and awesomesauce loot to celebrate this final chapter of Cassidy's fight against Omega. 

Here's what you can enter to win for the next 2 months: 

Grand Collapse Prize: 
Kindle, Cassidy Hart Poster (Signed), Collapse Series Tote-Bag, and Apocalyptic Survival Goody-Bag, packed by the author. 

2nd Prize: 
Entire set of the Collapse Series, autographed by the author. 
(U.S.A. Prize Only, No International Shipping) 

3rd Prize: 
Cassidy Hart Poster and Survival Kit 

Enter to win right here: 

Enjoy State of Hope.


  1. My favorite Collapse character is Chris.

  2. My favorite character is definitely Chris. I fell in love with him right along with Cassidy.

  3. I love Chris! Thanknyou for not killing him off! Lol

  4. My favorite is Lieutenant Uriah True. My facebook is Tracie Michelle Cooper, my twitter is @traciemcooper05, and my email is

  5. My favorite character would have to be Manny. He reminds me so much of my father which is why I think Cassidy has an awesome relationship with him. There is just something about him that makes me want to take a swig of his flask and go for a joy plane ride, despite the chaos going on. He would be the first one to take my mind off of everything and also the first one I would go to for serious advise! Best of both worlds!

    - Jordan Dufault


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