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Title: Infernal 
Genre: Edgy Vampire Crossover 
Author: James Garcia Jr. 
Release: Available NOW


The Devil is alive and well.

The vampire Nathaniel lives in the mountains of Oregon, seeking God and keeping a watchful eye on his friends and extended family, and keenly aware of this fact, having met Satan once before in the flesh. 

Robbie and Rebekah Lopez are special, and have been since that fateful night Nathaniel saved them from another vampire. As teens, they should be concerned with only their studies, interests and friends. However, they know they are marked, and must be ready for any threat. To do so, they keep constant contact with Nathaniel as they watch over their parents, Michael and Barbara; brother Jerod; and Aunt Vanessa and her daughter Grace. They are all that is left.

They have yet to meet the Devil, but soon will.

It is Satan who has orchestrated the destruction and ruin brought upon them from the very beginning. And he’s not done. He has been setting the stage for his ultimate revenge. At long last, the devil will step out of the darkness and the shadows, with an army of vampires and an infernal plot to finish Nathaniel off for good. 

And anyone who stands with him.

James Garcia Jr. is a local author where I live in California (he resides in the neighboring town of Kingsburg, just a hop, skip and a jump away from my own hometown). He has written a series of edgy vampire novels that features its own unique style and its own surprising twists. 

The book featured on Writing Belle today is Infernal, the 3rd installment in his series. Last time we visited with James, it was 2015. Today, he's sharing an exclusive sneak peek into Infernal

Check out the excerpt below, and if you're looking for a scary book to read for Halloween...pick up his series today on Amazon or add the novels to your shelf on GoodReads (see all links at bottom of feature). James is a cool cat and I'm excited to share his work with all of you today - it's not often I get to feature the novels of a writer who lives nearby! 

Exclusive Excerpt!

[Transcribed from home audio/video]
[Microphone; Master Bedroom; 1:18 am; April 12, 2016]
Nathaniel: (In a whisper) Wake up, James.
Me: [unintelligible] That’s cold! I hate it when you do that.
Nathaniel: Yes, I know. Luis doesn’t like it either. Your neck is all that is not under the covers and the easiest to get to. Follow me.
[South Hallway Cam]
Me: Yes, but you do that on purpose.
Nathaniel: True.
Me: Haven’t you fed yet?
Nathaniel: Why do people ask me this? Do you wish to know the details of my feeding?
[North Great Room Cam]
Me: Yeah, no. Never mind.
Nathaniel: Are you quite certain? I have left what remains on your doorstep.
Me: Ugh! Just like a cat, huh? I see your sense of humor is improving.
Nathaniel: I blame Luis.
Me: I’m sure you do. How is Luis?

Nathaniel: Luis is well. We speak daily.
Me: Cell phone?
Nathaniel: How else? Now, you wished to see me…
Me: Well, yes, but you didn’t have to come in the middle of the night.
Nathaniel: It is morning.
Me: Not for me.
Nathaniel: Ah. What time would you have preferred? 3 pm?
Me: Good point. I didn’t realize you were in town.
Nathaniel: No one does. Since the events of your most recent literary masterpiece on the matter; however, I have decided to keep a closer eye on things here. [Here his tone is biting, no pun intended. He would prefer that I didn’t document these events].

Me: Well, that’s good.
Nathaniel: Is it?
Me: Of course.
Nathaniel: Why? Does this give you fodder for further books? [See what I mean?]
Me: Nathaniel, it’s not like that.
Nathaniel: No?

Me: No! I write the stories to explain your side of things.
Nathaniel: Some things are best left untold, James…
Me: Like what? Aliens? JFK? Secret societies? Vampires?
Nathaniel: Especially vampires.
Me: Don’t you think it’s good that people realize there are some good vampires in the world? One day they’ll discover you’re real, right?
Nathaniel: Are there good vampires in the world? Are there really? Surely you know the stories, although that does not prevent you from employing creative license in the telling of these tales of yours.
Me: Oh? So you don’t think I have the events correctly?
Nathaniel: I did not come here to quibble with you about these silly books you write. I only came to see what you wanted. We have a nice relationship, you and I. Let us not sour it with ridiculous arguments that serve no purpose. Now, what did you wish to discuss with me?
Me: How is Barbara?
Nathaniel: She is well… I hear she is well.
Me: You haven’t seen her?
Nathaniel: I trust you did not ask me here to inquire about someone you could have visited yourself in ten minutes. I have traveled a great distance for you, James.
Me: The kids told you she’s fine?

Nathaniel: Do not let them hear you refer to them as “the kids”. Much especially Rebekah.
Me: Duly noted. I believe you've already answered my question.
Nathaniel: Which was what exactly?
Me: I was curious what you thought of the last book. Now I know. You clearly don't like them.
Nathaniel: The Point of the Flash?
Me: (Loudly) “Flash Point!”
Nathaniel: You will awaken your wife.
Me: (Lowered Voice) Right. And, no, that was book two. The latest was “Infernal.”
Nathaniel: (Grins) Yes, I know. That was a joke. Luis believes I am improving as well.
Me: I think I liked it better when you didn’t understand humor.
Nathaniel: James, I am sure your novels are fine. Have I seen them? Yes, I have. Have I read them? A little. I believe ‘skimmed’ is the operative word. I try and read the Bible only at this point. I have read a great many books in my lifetime, and have enjoyed them. What I need now more than anything, however, is the book that gives not pleasure, but life. I need this very much.
Me: I see. I wish you well with that, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: Thank you. If I may ask, where is your Bible, James?

Me: In the library.
Nathaniel: Bottom left shelf, is that right?
Me: Yes.
Nathaniel: There are two there.
Me: That sounds right.
Nathaniel: Covered in dust.
Me: Sadly, I think’s that’s right.
Nathaniel: You know it is.
Me: Yeah.
Nathaniel: Good night, James.
Me: Good night, Nathaniel. I apologize for bothering you.
Nathaniel: It was no bother.
Me: Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: Yes?
Me: What’s going to happen?
Nathaniel: I do not know.
Me: Is he gone for good? The Devil? Lucifer?

Nathaniel: I know who you meant. And, no. I do not believe he will give up so easily.
Me: And the vampires that are against you?
Nathaniel: They will not give up so easily either. And to answer your other question: Yes, one day they will discover that we have been real the entire time. I fear it. Goodnight.
[Video ends; 1:41 am; April 12, 2016]

Check out the entire series, beginning with the first installment: 
Grab it HERE!

About the Author 
James Garcia Jr. was born in the Central California town of Hanford. He moved up the road to Kingsburg with his family as a child. After graduating KHS, he attended Reedley College where he met his wife. The family still makes its home in Kingsburg which is also the setting of James’ vampire series.

He was the 1994 winner of the Writer’s International Network/Writers’ Inter-Age Network writing contest in the horror category. Dance on Fire was originally published in 2010, its sequel Flash Point (Dance on Fire 2) was published in 2012 and Infernal (Dance on Fire 3) was published in 2015. A fourth book, Seeing Ghosts, is a stand-alone paranormal romance released in June 2013.

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