Friday, February 9, 2018


Title: Resurrection: Shadows of Omega
Series: Resurrection #1 
Author: Summer Lane 
Release: GET IT NOW on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!



The war is over. At last, Omega has been defeated, and the militias have found peace and stability. General Cassidy Hart has been elected to lead the newly resurrected post-apocalyptic government as President of the Western Republic.
The world is a different place. From the ashes, structure emerges. From death, hope blossoms.

Yet the shadows of Omega remain. Omega loyalists and dangerous anarchists infect every level of the crestfallen civilization, threatening to undermine the Republic’s attempts to maintain peace. Most of the world’s population has been slain: those who remain alive have very different ideas about what must be done to continue to survive.

A seasoned war veteran, sniper, and leader, Cassidy resents the stifling role of presidential leadership. General Chris Young, her former fiancé, leads the United Militia’s military as it rebuilds. Her comrades from war have scattered, and the one person who understands her, truly and completely, has disappeared.

When a new threat emerges, one that could undo everything they have fought for, Cassidy is forced to make hard decisions and ask for help in places where she never imagined she could. 
The old is gone. The new has come.
Welcome to the Hart Presidency. Welcome to the Western Republic.
The Resurrection has begun.

From prolific author Summer Lane, creator of the #1 bestselling smash-hit Collapse Series, Zero Trilogy, Bravo Saga, Unbreakable SEAL and Running with Wolves. Enjoy this new series, following the adventures of beloved heroine Cassidy Hart, along with some familiar faces that fans have come to know and love. 

Thank you all so much for reading Cassidy Hart's stories! 
This is a BIG release for me, because it marks my 20th bestselling publication in 5 years. I have had to overcome a LOT of obstacles, roadblocks, naysayers, negativity, and challenges to find success in the publishing world, and 20 books later, here I am, still standing alongside my brainchild, Cassidy Hart. 

I love you, readers. You are amazing, and it never fails to astonish me how I continually grow my reading family every single day, nationally and globally. Cassidy Hart has grown from a girl and become a woman. She's a leader and a lover and an all-around badass chick. But she's just like you and me: she makes mistakes and she falls down and she gets up again and jumps back into the game. She's refreshingly human, and I think her ability to relate to readers is part of what makes her so popular with both young and old, male and female alike. 

This marks the beginning of a new series of stories. A new type of Cassidy Hart - a Cassidy who now begins her journey as a dangerous leader rather than a raw militia recruit, and who will be facing different kinds of threats and challenges that will both surprise and excite readers everywhere. I'm absolutely thrilled to be penning this new story line - there is so much to tell, so many characters to introduce, and so many settings to explore! 

I will occasionally intersperse my main series with other books here and there, but you can expect two major releases from me per year from now on. I want to have more time to focus on writing longer books for Cassidy. Stay tuned here on Writing Belle for updates pertaining to the series and any other projects I'll be working on. 

Have a wonderful weekend - and I hope you enjoy this rock 'n' roll first installment! 


- Cassidy Hart Tactical 'Fun Box', which will include survival gear, gift cards, and more! 

- Autographed copy of State of Emergency, Collapse #1 

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