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W A K E**P R A Y**S L A Y : 
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 If you are on the lookout for an inspirational book that will encourage you to follow your dreams, check out this publication from Norwyn K, an author and keynote speaker!


We are living in a time of endless possibility and yet for the majority of people, it has become also the hardest of times. This is not new news to anyone, however, the solutions to some of our problems I believe can now be found if we are ready to undertake a new journey that few of us have ever been on. In my own experience, many creative yet practical solutions to some of the vexing problems that we face as a country are missing because we are focusing on the thick of thin things. I have discovered how tapping into the vast realms of our minds can truly set us free. Freedom does exist for everyone but it will take courage, commitment and collaboration to achieve it. My book is titled ‘’Wake Pray Slay – From Slavery to Slayer’’. 
I have taken a very unique and remarkable approach to how we can enable ourselves to live a life of fulfillment and present moment happiness. 

This book has been written as a way to fulfill my own purpose, which is to become a symbol of hope to others so that they will become their own symbols of hope in their worlds. We know that change is needed but the execution of that change is where most people trip up and fade back into the ways of old. In my book, I have written about engaging ways to equip people with the tools they need to forge their own path in life. I have shared many of my own personal experiences and revelations that have taught me how to attain this level of fulfillment in my own life. I present these ideas in a very thought-provoking yet easy to understand way. I want this book to be user-friendly enough that all people from all walks of life can comprehend and especially our younger generation who are our future. This book is created to help our future create a better future but in this present moment of now and not just wait to see what happens. 

The book is a wonderful journey of joy, sadness, intrigue, astonishment and a real kaleidoscope of feelings that I hope to make the reader experience but more importantly, my book is overflowing with real-life value that can add so much to people’s lives. I guarantee this, hand on heart as this is my dream. 

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