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Title: The Albino Chameleon
Author: Kirsty Anne Ferguson
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You may be thinking are Albino Chameleons real? The answer is yes. They are one of the top 10 most rare animals in the world, according to Google.
A Chameleon is best known for its superlative camouflage powers. It’s colour changing abilities allow it to blend in with any environment. They are the ultimate fraudsters, adjusting with consummate ease to any environment.
The Albino Chameleon however, remains bright white regardless of its surroundings.
It is the perfect mascot and inspiration behind this book. The Albino Chameleon is incapable of lying and can only be itself. In the end, that is what makes it the most valuable.
Building the story of you is an adventure, one that will uncover your unique story piece by fascinating piece. 
Along the way we share snippets from people just like you who have gone on to become entrepreneurs, fashion designers, recruiters, artists and globe trotting mums.


I arrived on a particular day in March, in a quiet little backwater town called Wairoa, in rural New Zealand. The year was 1965. In previous lives my mum had been an opera singer, teacher and librarian who had dabbled in swim-ware modelling. My dad, a respected bank manager at the time, had exited the seminary after deciding the priesthood was not for him.  Thank goodness for that otherwise I wouldn’t have made it.  

After 7-years of courting, my mum had given my dad a rather forthright ultimatum, “marry me or else”.  So I guess I have attitude on both sides to thank for this life.

Those two went on to set me up for a nomadic and challenging life. They raised an independent person, not afraid to take risks and capable of a level of resilience that allowed me to bounce back from a multitude of both silly and catastrophic mistakes.

Early on I stumbled from nothing job to nothing job, packing up on a whim to travel to wherever, with barely a thought for the consequences. That Aussie idiom, ‘she’ll be right’ became my modus operandi.

That carefreeness came to an end in my mid thirties. Over the ensuing 9 or 10 years I wandered aimlessly through marriage, divorce, infertility and the loss of half my family.

Sounds depressing I know, but there is an upside. All of that life stuff propelled me into action. Result, some 7 years on I have created an internationally renowned coaching company, written over 10 Business Workbooks and gained expert status in my field, lecturing at universities, being interviewed by Reuters,, Marie Claire, Australian Aviation and the ABC.  

I also found time to date and am happily ensconced with my forever surfer guy. I run a close second to a dream 5 feet right hand barrel.

The Albino Chameleon or “Ben” as we like to call him, was born out of my innate need to persuade everyone else to be all that they can be, no matter what life has dealt them.  

To write their own story - or to rewrite it if need be. 
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