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How's October treating you so far? Our second edition of Spooky Halloween Reads is here, which means Halloween is just that much closer! While I'm not a big horror-movie person (I like thrilling movies or slightly scary movies, but not straight-up horror), I do like a good scary book. This week's featured author, Willie E. Dalton, is bringing plenty of scary to the table with her Gravedigger Series, which is a blend of humor, Gothic delight, and downright Halloween-spookiness. 

Today I'm featuring all three of her books in the series, and I hope you'll give this author a chance. Her novels are available on Amazon. They're free for Kindle Unlimited members and 2.99 otherwise (which is still a great price!). 

Title: The Girl Who Digs Graves
Author: Willie E. Dalton
Series: Gravedigger #1
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My name is Helena Pierce, Hel for short. I’m a gravedigger... well I was when I was alive anyway. 
I had a rough start in life, losing both my parents before I was even a week old. Thankfully, Ray took me in and taught me his trade. I grew used to death, just another part of life. 
I enjoyed being the caretaker of the old mountain cemetery, and one day while I was out digging a fresh grave, I met someone. Raphael was dark and mysterious, and I fell for him hard enough to consider changing everything I’d ever known. Then, I was murdered.
Waking up dead with a grumpy Viking shining a light in my eyes was the last thing I expected. Even more surprising was meeting the vampires that roam the streets of the underworld. 
The job assigned to me here is reaping souls in the fields of the dead. Basically, I went from digging graves on one side, to digging them up on the other. I’m the only female reaper, but I don’t mind, and my boss, Soren, is warming up to me...a little. 
I still miss my Raphael with everything inside of me and am trying to adjust to this new life of being dead. It’s not all bad, but it certainly isn’t what I thought death would be like. It isn’t restful and my soul definitely isn’t at peace.

Book Two of The Gravedigger Series
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“Reapers, vampires, and… zombies?”

I wasn’t sure just how much more emotional upheaval I was capable of handling. I never knew this would still be an issue after death. I was still coping with the latest trauma, when my best friend, Grace came to me with startling news. Boude, her boyfriend, was missing. 
Vampire affairs is something I try to avoid, after all, the vampire Rasputin had tried to kill me more than once, and had been the one to take Grace’s eye and disfigure the side of her lovely face. I had a sneaking suspicion he was also the one behind our missing friend. 
Not one to sit idly by while my friend suffered, I started investigating the inner workings of the Vampire Quarter; a breathtaking and sinister area of the underworld. 
In the fields of the dead, bodies were disappearing as fast as the other reapers and I could dig them up, and things at the Assignment Hall were profoundly more strange as all of the employees suddenly had fangs.
The deeper we kept digging into the bizarre events, a terrifying plot unfolded that could bring down the underworld as we knew it. And when the bodies in the field started clawing their way out of the graves, I realized we were up against something more powerful than we could ever have imagined.

Book Three in The Gravedigger Series
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“Sometimes when everything goes to Hell, you have to go in after it.”

When Persephone left Helena in charge of ruling the underworld, the last thing Hel expected was to be taken prisoner by Hades.

After a lovely and intriguing new face offers unexpected help, Hel emerges from her confinement to find nothing is as she left it. The doors between underworlds are open, and gods are competing for new souls to claim. The fields are empty because the living aren't dying, and new souls are pouring in from other afterlives. 

Once reunited with those she holds most dear, Hel learns the whereabouts of the one person she's never stopped looking for, Raphael. Now she's on her way to Hell to get him back, and learning that no one is who they seem to be, not even herself.

About the Author 

Willie E. Dalton is a full-time writer at her home in Duffield, Va. She is the author of Three

Witches in a Small Town, The Dark Side of the Woods, and The Gravedigger series. When she is isn’t writing, Willie is an active volunteer for the local cat rescue “Appalachian Feline Friends.”

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