Monday, October 22, 2018


Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. As it gets closer, my temptation to buy a supersize bag of trick-or-treat candy from Target grows larger. I've promised to cut back on both sugar and salt in my diet (due to being quite pregnant and quite anemic, and the salt causes my poor, overworked extremities to swell), so Halloween, for me, has been a bit of a challenge. I mean, should I buy the celery or the five-pound bag of Candy Corn? These are the decisions that make or break our lives, people. 

This week, however, we're featuring Derek Brown, author of the horror novella, The Crux of Revenge. You may have guessed by its title that it's about vengeance, among other horrifying things (much to the delight of horror fans). Derek's novella will be FREE on Kindle starting today, with the sale running for five full days. Give his book a try - you may find that it's just the read you've been searching for this October!

Title: The Crux of Revenge
Author: Derek Brown
Series: Novella
Release: Available NOW on Kindle for FREE!


Can revenge truly get us what we desire? 
Or will it destroy all we love in it's path? 

Generations ago, the city of Louisville was young, and on the brink of greatness. Industry was booming, and people from all around were flocking to its opportunities. Deep in the ever diminishing Bernheim forest, a hidden threat is imminent. Three sisters, fueled by a growing hatred for the mayor and his council, are ready to unleash a horrible nightmare on the city. A century old struggle comes to its head in this thrilling tale of magic, greed, and forbidden love. 

Also grab it on Paperback!
About the Author 

Derek Brown was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but around the age of six, his family moved to the small farm town of Stamping Ground. This mix of northern liberal ideas and southern conservative traditions has given him a unique perspective on life. He is a life long lover of books, on both sides of the page, and hopes to add his voice to the literary world. His work has been featured in Blood Moon Rising Magazine, on, and he also writes a series for titled ‘Carla and Cleidus’. When Derek isn't writing, he spends his best moments with his wife, Nikki, and their daughter, Alexis.

Author Blogs:
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Also check out Derek's twitter page, @KyHorror , to keep up with his horror-writing!

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