Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year! The 2019 Author Program Begins NOW!

Happy New Year, everyone! The holiday season flew by way too fast, in my opinion, but I'm ready to start 2019 out right. I will be taking a brief hiatus from Writing Belle to take care of my newborn (she's due any day!) and recover myself, but I will be starting a new author program in February! 

Last year's 2018 Author Promotion Program was perhaps the most successful I've ever had. I featured a new author/editor/artist every single week, and I was flooded with requests! This year, I'd like to feature as many new faces as I can, as well. You can be a writer, a blogger, an artist, an editor, a literary agent, a publicist, a screenwriter, a graphic designer - anybody who contributes in any way to the art of storytelling. 

My 2019 Author Program is FREE. You get to be featured on my website, and I get to have some really fun content for my readers. It's a win-win for everyone! 

To sign up, simply email me at: 

OR use the Google Form below.  

Here are some guidelines and ideas! 

  • I don't feature erotic fiction. I love romance novels, but nothing too graphic, please. 
  • I am specifically interested in survival or adventure fiction in any genre. I absolutely LOVE a good military thriller or a military romance. 
  • I also love books about animals - so books about dogs, etc., will always have a place at Writing Belle. 
  • I'd love to feature more graphic fiction this year - so graphic novels or comics are going to be something I'm searching for, as well. 
  • Non-fiction is something I don't see terribly often here at Writing Belle, so if you've written a memoir or a non-fiction writing guide, etc., let me know! I'm always interested! 
  • If you contact me directly via email, you'll get a quicker response from me, since it takes me a bit of time to sift through my Google Form and contact all submissions! 
  • I will be on hiatus until February (as far as blogging is concerned), so if you contact me now and don't get a response immediately, don't worry! I WILL get back to you! 

Don't hesitate to reach out and request a feature! I am ALWAYS looking for new content! Keep in mind, as well, that even if you've written, say, a horror novel or a holiday-themed novel, I will book you for October/November/December in advance. Don't think that because your book may not be "in season" right now that I won't feature it. I am ALWAYS looking ahead! 

Good luck and have a Happy New Year! I can't WAIT to meet everyone in 2019 and feature your amazing work! 

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