Monday, March 4, 2019

ELIXIR: Book Of The Week from Chris Rook (A Science Fiction Adventure)

Title: Elixir 
Author: Chris Rook 
Genre: Science Fiction 
Release Date: Available NOW on Amazon!


How far can you fall before you can’t pick yourself back up?

The Mayor has ruled that the use of eliXir will carry the death penalty. 

That’s the news Tobias see’s on every holoscreen in the city as he fights through the mass of commuters.

There will still be those that use it. The possibility of execution is a small price to pay for the immeasurable high it gives. Those who inject it, quickly find themselves addicted to the euphoria it provides and the temporary superpowers that come with it.

When the bank Tobias works at is robbed by criminals enhanced by the drug, he finds himself suspected of eliXir use and on the run from the authorities. Unwittingly thrust into the underbelly of the city, he finds his normal life replaced by one of danger and deceit. Hunted by a government task force called the Archangels as well as eliXir fueled thugs, everyone seems to be taking an interest in him.

The further he descends into the underworld the more his world views are shattered. As he fights for his survival he is forced to question everything he knows about the drug and face the possibility that perhaps it could be used for good.

Can Tobias take back his normal life and return to his colony no matter the cost?

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