Thursday, March 7, 2019

What's Up With Me: New Motherhood and Writing Cassidy's Story

It's been a while since I personally checked into Writing Belle with a traditional What's Up With Me post. I've been busier on maternity leave than I've ever been in my life, which is quite funny, considering some of the stressful deadlines and work I've carried out over the years. But hey - parents, I know you identify. There's nothing quite as exhausting and wonderful and terrifying and fun as a newborn, right? 

I've always shared little pieces of life with my readers here on Writing Belle and in the last pages of my novels. It's fun and I get to interact with some really nice people. Today, I've been up since 6 a.m., tending to the needs of my baby, who was unusually fussy and colicky. My daughter has some serious volume, guys. If I'm not mistaken, she might just end up as a soprano in the school choir. The child can SING. Yet usually, she's a pretty relaxed baby. Every once in a while she has a fussy day, but mostly she enjoys sleeping, cuddling, and eating - typical baby stuff. 

New motherhood/postpartum life is highly entertaining and educational. There are things that I love about it and things that I don't, but that's true of any job you fall into. I love my daughter and her tiny personality. She's feisty and funny and oh-so-cute. She was 8 pounds at birth (I'll say what you're thinking: "Ouch."), and she has a head full of hair that's already in need of a headband. She is a heavy sleeper (when she's in the mood), and she's got massive blue eyes that still haven't faded (score!). I'm biased, but I think she's the cutest little baby in the world, with her wide blue eyes and dark, thick hair. 
My daughter at 6 days old.

I find myself being a pretty relaxed mom - at least, more relaxed than I thought I'd be, but that's probably because I have a fairly relaxed kid. I have to wonder: what will she be like when she grows up? Will she be a doctor or a musician? An astronaut or a teacher? Will she be as stubborn as me, her silly mother who refuses to throw out her pre-pregnancy clothes because she believes that with enough exercise and diet she can wear them again? Maybe. Or will she be more like her father, who can fix anything, build anything, and look at the world in a more straightforward fashion? Time will tell. 

I'm still on maternity leave, and I've never been away from work for this long. I love what I do, and I've definitely had my ups and downs in this business. Lately I've been itching to do bulk amounts of writing, but this newborn schedule won't allow it...yet! I sneak onto the computer for a few moments in the morning, but it doesn't last long. Cassidy's next book is itching to jump through my fingers, along with a few other novels I have in mind. When will my next novels release? I don't know yet, but I'm working on it! I have some plans - some surprises up my sleeve. 

Cassidy is slowly evolving as a character, maturing and operating on an independent level that makes writing her stories even easier than before. I have big plans for my leading lady...and beyond! 

Make sure you check back on Writing Belle next Monday (the 11th). I'll have an interview here with middle grade author Eric Muss-Barnes. Until then...happy weekend! 

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