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Here's the thing that I love about the art of storytelling: it takes many different forms. When I open up Writing Belle to feature who I call "storytellers," I'm not just looking for writers. I'm looking for musicians, artists, script doctors, editors, lit agents, and poets. The avenues we use to communicate our artistic expression to the world is beautiful and varied. 

For me, one of the best ways to see a story aside from reading one is to look at art. Illustrations add a pop of imaginative creativity to the storytelling world that steps in where mere words fail us. It gives us a visual. Art provides a window into the imaginary world (or even the real one) that takes our breath away. From Picasso to Ub Iworks, there are many different types of art. Impressionist. Animation. Pen and ink. Crayons. Finger paintings! *wink* Art is so much fun and it's so special, and that's why I am delighted to be featuring the art and profile of my lovely sister-in-law, Emma Lane, on Writing Belle today! 

I interviewed Emma and have shared that interview below. She does commission work currently, and you can contact her and see more of her art by visiting @whistfulscribbler on Instagram! Enjoy! 

Interview with Artist 
Emma Lane 

Welcome to Writing Belle. Illustrating and drawing are such a unique and inspiring form of storytelling. When did you first start drawing? 
I've been drawing since I was very young, a family friend illustrated children's books for a living and she would give me art lessons. My mom incorporated it into my schoolwork from day one, and I've always loved spending every spare moment drawing or sketching the things around me. 

What kind of artists do you draw inspiration from? 
I absolutely love the work of concept artist Eyvind Earle, most specifically his pieces for the Disney film Sleeping Beauty. I love his simplistic shapes, bold visual tones, and bright contrasting colors. He creates charming scenes that elicit emotion and a beautiful sense of story even from a single painting. Similarly, the artist Mary Blair has a breathtaking and unique style that I find quite inspiring.

Tell us about some of the art that you're sharing with us today.
The first piece I would like to talk about is called Patchwork Girl. An abstract female figure is posing against the moon atop a patchwork-like patterned hill. To me it brings forth a feeling of quiet freedom. I frequently use the moon as a symbol in my art, I find it incredibly peaceful and calming.

The next is my take on C.S. Lewis' "Tash," from his book The Horse and His Boy. Tash is a vulture god and this imagery to me was quite striking and inspiring.

Thirdly, The Astronaut. It depicts an astronaut-type fantasy creature with a comet for an eye, floating through space. There’s no deep meaning or solid inspiration behind it aside from what you can find for yourself. 
(Writing Belle's Note: We have placed 'The Astronaut' at the top of this post for your viewing pleasure!)

Lastly is my silhouette drawing of the planet Coruscant from the Star Wars universe. I often visit skylines and cityscapes in my artwork, and I find the sci-fi imagery from the Star Wars universe quite inspiring. 

Are you currently doing any commission work or selling your original art? 
I do commission work and sell my original pieces, as time and money allows I hope to open an Etsy shop as a more regular source of income. Anyone interested can reach me via email or DM on my Instagram page. 

2019 Emma Lane All Rights Reserved

What kind of things do you do to keep sharp? Do you practice weekly? Do you take classes? 
I draw and paint as often as possible. I try to complete one drawing every day (regardless of how usable they are). YouTube is an immensely helpful resource for me as I am not a very experienced painter. I hope to dive into the world of color more as my art progresses. 

Is there any one artist or piece that you would consider to be your absolute favorite? 
There is no possible way I could choose one favorite, but I love the wonderfully creepy and intricate work of David Hall's 1939 Alice in Wonderland concept. It features a darker version of Alice in Wonderland, one that could have taken the original animated classic in a completely different direction that is really interesting to look at. 

What are your goals as an artist? 
My ultimate goal (and dream) would be to be able to create art full time as a career. I am currently looking at going to school for animation or concept art and that will most likely be my next step. I could be perfectly content to sell and create art in any facet for the rest of my life. 
2019 Emma Lane All Rights Reserved

Do you have any advice for anyone who aspires to create art and improve their craft?
I feel like I'm a beginner so giving anybody advice is a bit humbling for me. As cliche as it is, though, practice is the most important step. Draw everything you see: draw your cat, the chair, the window in front of you. Draw what makes you happy and sad and the fantastic creatures in your head. And even if it's bad or clumsy or you don't like it, you're still making progress and you will be a better artist because of it.  

Where can Writing Belle readers find your work?
My Instagram handle is @whistfulscribbler where I can be reached via DM or email. 

Thank you so much for visiting with us today! It's been a pleasure! 
2019 Emma Lane All Rights Reserved


Photo Contributed 

Emma Lane is a burgeoning artist located in the Central Valley of California. Her artwork is heavily influenced by the works of Eyvind Earle and Mary Blair, however maintaining a monochromatic tonality. She works to achieve ultimate creative honesty through whatever means possible, the cultivation of a personal emotion or sense of story in the viewer being the main object.

She can be reached via email or her Instagram Page, @whistfulscribbler (where you can find her contact email).

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