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Title: The Forgotten Headline
Author: McCaid Paul
Release: Get it HERE! 


NO ONE KNOWS what their last normal day will be like. 
For Mick Smith, the day that he goes hunting with his dad, turns out to be his. 
After a deer that his dad shoots runs on their neighbor’s property, he decides to retrieve it—without the neighbor, Mr. Welch, finding out. 
But once they cross the property line, Mr. Welch fires shots at them, making them leave the deer behind. 
Mick’s dad warns him it’s too dangerous to go back for the deer, but Mick doesn’t listen. Later the same day, he finds himself crossing the neighbor’s property line once again. 
And what he finds there WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. 
Deciding not to tell his dad about his discovery, Mick makes up his mind to investigate on his own. 
Only with the help of his best friend, Billie, will he set out to solve the mystery, unearthing secrets about his discovery, his family, and one shocking secret about himself that threatens to destroy everything he’s ever known. 
Some secrets are dangerous and should remain forgotten. 


Title: Secret Trust
Series: The Summersville Series


My name is Mick Johnson, and for eleven years, I was living a lie.

Five months have passed since Mick lived within the deep woods of Summersville, where a monster controlled his every move.
Now, with his only chance at a fresh start, Mick hopes to begin a new life free from his painful past.

Until a secret reveals itself, one that spans generations. When someone from his past returns, Mick must confront hidden truths, all the while risking everything for those he loves.

BILLIE is still dealing with the aftermath of being kidnapped, and having her best friend taken away. Ever since the incident in Richard Welch's home, her dad has been her only consolation.
When Billie makes a discovery that ties back to her mother, all she once knew is thrown into question. Could Billie's discovery hold the answer to why her mother disappeared all those years ago?
With both mysteries weighing upon them, Mick and Billie try to uncover the truth.
For everything they thought they knew was a lie.



(from book one)


The killer, as you should call him, was nervous. His adrenaline formed a tight knot in his stomach, making him feel queasy. His hands were shaking uncontrollably; beads of sweat broke out on his forehead, and he blinked rapidly. The gun was aimed at the back of the driver’s head. He tried to hold a firm grip on the gun, ready to squeeze the trigger if anything went wrong. 
“Drive faster,” the killer barked at the driver, strands of spit flying from his mouth.
The driver, a man, pushed his size ten foot down on the accelerator, exclaiming, “Look at what’s happened to my wife!”
 The killer sat between two girls in the backseat, one of whom held a baby in her arms. He constantly looked out the back of the car. He had to make sure no one was after them, especially the police.
The young, trembling girl on the left of him was crying as she stared at the gun aimed at her dad’s head. 
The teenage girl on his right side shook with fear as she cradled the baby. She replayed the events back in her head: the man jumping in the car just as her dad was driving off, the bullets flying through the windows, spraying glass into everyone’s lap; the killer ordering her dad to go at gunpoint. Two of the bullets had torn into her mom, sending a scream echoing through the car. She had watched as her mom’s neck went limp and how her head fell lopsided across her shoulder. She was dead. The girl knew the police hadn’t meant to do it; they were only trying to shoot the man who now held them as hostages.
The teenage girl squeezed the baby to her chest, snapping back into the present.
 “Don’t shoot him, please!” The teenage girl’s plea sent the baby into a crying fit.
The killer turned, face contorted in rage. “Shut the baby up, before I do!”
The young girl watched the strange man scream at her sister and became even more terrified. She tugged on the door handle, but it was locked. She wished she could escape; she didn’t want to be shot.
Before anything else happened, the car came to a stop. The killer pointed the gun at the teenage girl. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot!”
The teenager looked away, not wanting to see the man’s eyes. That was all she could see, the black ski mask covering everything but his eyes and lips.
She wondered what would happen. Would the man kill them? Would her dad save them? Her thoughts were frantic.
 The killer threw the little girl from the car and onto the ground, aiming his gun down at her. She heard her sister plead before a gunshot shattered the air. The teenager screamed with such ferocity that her face turned as red as blood. She sprang from the car, leaving the baby on the seat, and launched herself onto the killer’s back.
The driver opened the console and grabbed his own gun, the one he had in case of an emergency.
The teenage girl put up a fight, kneeing the man in the back, digging her teeth into his shoulder, and burying her fingernails into his neck.
The killer cried out, “Get off me!” He screamed and grunted several times before he shook her to the ground like a bug. He aimed his gun at her, ready to shoot.
A scream echoed off the trees louder than the gunshot itself as the killer fell onto his back, dropping his gun. The driver, still aiming the gun at the killer, ordered, “Stay down!”
 Blood poured through the killer’s fingers as he clutched his wounded shoulder. He got up, grabbing the gun and held his one free hand in the air.
The driver was helping his daughter up when it happened. The gunshot startled the teen, making her jump in alarm. She turned to face her dad only to see him on the ground, blood covering the leaves like a spilled drink.
The killer laughed, even through his excruciating pain. The knot in his stomach was gone and now only adrenaline fueled his excitement. He saw the explosion from the end of the gun and then the girl drop like a bowling pin. He wore his smile proudly as he remembered that he had only one thing left to do.
 He peered back into the car, searching for the baby. His smile faded into a frown.  There was nothing but an empty seat where the baby was supposed to be. He circled the car to see if the baby had fell onto the ground. After several minutes of intense searching, the baby was nowhere to be found. He threw the gun down and screamed. Several obscenities rolled off his tongue; hatred swelled up inside him like a balloon taking in helium.
The baby was gone. The only fragment left of this family. Where was the baby?

Welcome to Writing Belle! Introduce yourself!

My name is McCaid Paul, I am 15 years old, and I live on a farm in a rural community in Norwest Florida. I am an avid reader and writer of crime fiction, and I enjoy hiking, traveling, and spending time with family. The Forgotten Headline and Secret Trust are my first two works of fiction.

Tell us a little about how you became interested in writing—and at such an early age! So impressive!
The dream started in the first grade, after I started journaling. After that, my dad began writing short stories to show me that I could do it. My mom was also an inspiration since she was a teacher. She played a huge part by keeping me on track, and helping me to develop a love of reading and writing at an early age. The teachers and staff of my elementary school, and authors such as Watt Key and Agatha Christie, were also an inspiration.

Tell us about your first book. How did you come up with the idea?
I got the idea for The Forgotten Headline in the fifth grade, after going squirrel hunting with my dad. We didn’t kill any squirrels, or even see one at that, but it did gain me the plot for what would be my first book.

How did the sequel come about?
I knew before writing The Forgotten Headline that it was going to be a part of a series. The sequel, Secret Trust, picks up where the first book leaves off (and yes, there’s a cliffhanger) and reveals more family secrets surrounding the two protagonists’ lives. It’s a darker, grittier, and, overall, more complex book than the first, deepening the relationships and the town of Summersville.

How long does it take you to write a book, from start to finish?
As far as writing goes, the first draft of The Forgotten Headline was completed in 3 weeks, but it took over two years to finalize it. Secret Trust took nine months to complete, and the third book in the Summersville series, Buried Truths, has taken me half a year. Since writing and publishing my first book, my writing process has drastically changed. All of my novels have taken a different amount of time to complete due to the overall length and subject matter. With my current book, I have set a deadline for five months completion time.

Who are some of your favorite authors/inspirations?
My favorite authors range from Agatha Christie, who was the first author to introduce me to the crime genre, Watt Key, a southern author who writes a blend of survival and coming-of-age fiction, and Kara Thomas, an author of dark, twisty YA mysteries I can’t get enough of!

If you had to choose just one book to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be and why? 

Either And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie or Fourmile by Watt Key. ATTWN because that twist gets me every single time (it’s also set on an island), and Fourmile, because it was the first book to connect with me on an emotional level. It also spawned my interest for character-driven stories.

Are you working on any more novels?
I am currently editing Buried Truths, the third book in The Summersville Series, and developing the fourth and final book. After this series, I am planning to write a standalone YA mystery/thriller, with my sights set on traditional publishing.

Any advice for fellow aspiring young authors?
I would say never give up, above everything else. Of course, there’s always the fear of failure, or the worry that people won’t like or accept the material you’re putting out in the world, but that is something every writer faces at some point.
And, don’t wait. Start now. Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’.

Where can readers check out your work online and connect with you?
My books are available on,, or you can get a signed, personalized copy at my website,! Readers can connect with me on Instagram @mccaidpaul, Twitter @MccaidP, or on Goodreads, where I will be happy to answer any questions you have!


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