Saturday, May 25, 2019


Title: Dark Winter
Series: Jake Mahegan Novel #1
Author: Anthony J. Tata 
(U.S. Army Brigadier General Ret.)

Power and wealth could destroy the world in Tata’s latest thriller. Jake Mahegan and his team of operatives are the best of the best, but how do you battle an opponent with money, connections, and a team of professional hackers? With access to nuclear weapons and key people in various world governments, ComWar (Computer Optimized Warfare) is ready to launch nuclear missiles at Japan; then Russia will invade Europe, and the Middle East will explode in the aftermath. Mahegan must battle an enemy who seems to know his every move, and, worse, his plans are muddled by personal considerations: Will his heart get in the way of the mission? Tata has taken elements of the world’s political stage and mixed them brilliantly with a virtual treatise on cybersecurity. Throw in a charismatic villain steering the game, and you have all the elements in place for a classic, high-adventure technothriller. The open-ended conclusion will leave readers hanging, but that will only make them wish that Tata could please write faster. This is the best thriller yet by the former brigadier general. 



Brigadier General Anthony J. Tata, U.S. Army (Retired), is the national bestselling author of Dark Winter, Direct FireReaper Ghost Target,  Reaper: Threat Zero (Released May 21, 2019), Besieged (a Publishers Weekly Top 10 Best Mystery/Thriller of 2017), Three Minutes to MidnightForeign and Domestic, and the Threat series. During his active duty military career, he commanded combat units in the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and the 10th Mountain Division. His last combat tour was in Afghanistan in 2007 where he earned the Combat Action Badge and the Bronze Star Medal. He is a frequent foreign policy guest commentator on Fox News, CNN, and One America News Network’s Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. Previously, General Tata served as the Secretary of Transportation of North Carolina, Superintendent of Schools for Wake County Public School System, and Chief Operating Officer of Washington, DC, Public Schools.
Brigadier General Tata donates a portion of his earnings to the USO Metro DC, the North Carolina Heroes Fund, and the Michael Murphy Foundation.

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