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Greetings, readers. Can you believe that it's already almost JULY? This year is flying by, lost in a chaotic tumble of hectic work schedules, baby diapers, deadlines and manuscripts. I am so excited to share that Resurrection: Fall of Man will be available for preorder on JULY 12, 2019. I am still hammering out the rest of the manuscript for you guys, so be patient. I want to make sure that this installment is worth the wait! 

For those who haven't checked in for a while, here's the synopsis for this upcoming 4th installment of Cassidy Hart's post-apocalyptic adventures: 

A single, chilling name. The new face of evil. 
Stranded in London with her team, President Cassidy Hart is faced with a new horror as a technological nanovirus begins to spread throughout the globe, driving survivors of the Great War to extreme violence and suicide. 

An offer presents itself: meet with Ares, the creator of a wave of technologically-created plagues, and attempt to negotiate for peace. 
But peace is only an illusion. Ares is out for blood. 

In Greece, Cassidy, Uriah, and their newly minted ally, Ayad, discover the truth about Ares’ origins and his plan for the future of the world. The militias try one last time to fight back against the forces of evil…but is it too late? Will Cassidy and Chris reconcile? Can Cassidy forgive Uriah for his previous betrayal? Is there any hope left for the world in the face of this new, terrifying enemy who has sworn to bring about the final fall of man? 

Perhaps. The key to protecting the future…is in the past. 
The ancient world may hold the answers for Cassidy and her friends’ salvation. 
Or it may bring the destruction. 

In this fourth installment of the Resurrection Series, Cassidy Hart and company will take one last chance at preserving the future of humanity. Mankind may not survive this time.

This is not the last book in the series (I'm planning on capping this series at 6), but it's the final novel in which Cassidy and crew find themselves on the same continent at the same time. Things will change. There are a few shocks and surprises in store. Remember...there will be two more installments after this, so what happens in Fall of Man is not necessarily end game. Trust me. I KNOW I will be getting letters and emails after this one releases so I'm just putting that out there ahead of time! *double wink* 

New Projects
I am currently working on a project that is brand new and unlike anything I've written before. It's a science-fiction novel that will be set in the future. I can't wait to share the plotline with you, but I have to keep it a secret for now! The idea arose as my husband and I were having a conversation in the car on the way back from a camping trip. We looked at each other and he said, "There's your next book idea!" It's something that I'm slowly perusing and creating while I'm working on Cassidy's story. 

What about after Resurrection? 
I have a plan. The Collapse universe will continue, and Cassidy's legacy will continue to live on. How? You have to wait and see. I have the entire world mapped out, and I know exactly how everything will end, and who will end up where. One way or another, Cassidy and her friends have a destiny that is coming up fast! 

ARC Master List 
You have probably heard me talking about creating an ARC master list last year. I'm still in the process of doing so. I'll be collecting information prior to Fall of Man's release and cross-referencing that info with those who have reviewed with Writing Belle Publishing in the past. I have hired two more proofreaders this summer and I will be looking for a strong group of beta readers to read my new sci-fi novel, which will hopefully be ready for analysis over the winter at some point (no release date yet). 

In Summary
I'm pretty busy around here, so keep hitting me up with feature requests and I'll do my best to work you in! I can't wait to share my newest stories with  you and to keep Cassidy Hart's character alive in the fictional world! 

Now if you'll excuse me...I'm off to write and check on my napping 5-month-old! 

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