Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Just dropping a quick note to say that Resurrection: Child of Darkness is now available in the Kindle Store for pre-order! This is exclusive to Kindle only. The book is on sale for just 3.99 if you pre-order it! 

I will be popping back on Writing Belle to inform you when the paperbacks for Sign of Six and Fall of Man are available - which should be ASAP (possibly before the end of this week)! 

Check out the book HERE ON AMAZON!

The book is doing very well in pre-order sales, and I appreciate everyone supporting the series and Cassidy Hart by doing so! Small businesses and small presses appreciate your readership and customer support so much, especially during times like these! 

Stay safe, friends!


Book Synopsis: 

The darkness swallowed us up, but now...
We're coming back into the light.

In the wake of devastating nuclear attacks across the globe from the evil, fanatical leader Ares, President Cassidy Hart and Uriah True have been forced underground. The militias have gone silent. The rebellion has gone dark. It seems like the war - and the world - has ended at last.

Cassidy and Uriah find themselves appointed as commanders in an underground bunker society, Silo Nation. Life is carefully controlled, regulated, and structured.
Humanity is preserved beneath the surface of the earth...or is it?
What secrets are preventing Cassidy from seeing the light of day again? Will she be able to protect her daughter from the evils that lurk within the bunker? What about the rest of the militias? Is Chris Young still alive? Is there any life left on Earth? Is Ares dead?

So many questions. So much fear.
So little hope.

When confronted with a terrifying but challenging question, Cassidy decides to push back against the toxic leadership of Silo Nation and discover the truth about the apocalypse, and the world outside. She fought for freedom, once...

The fight is not over yet. Hope will be born anew.

Step out of the darkness...and into the fallout.

The 5th installment in the national bestselling Resurrection Series from Summer Lane. Cassidy Hart is back and ready to step into the light!

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